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BetterBatteryStats updated with full support for unrooted devices via ADB commands

In the era before Doze Mode, BetterBatteryStats was an essential app to track down Android's frequent wakelocks. Android doesn't have the same battery issues anymore, but you might still want to keep tabs on certain apps and services. Luckily, the latest update for BetterBatteryStats added full support for unrooted phones via ADB commands. There's also better Oreo support and various bug fixes.

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BetterBatteryStats v2.1 Comes With Android Marshmallow Support And Various Other Tweaks

Do you care how much battery life your phone has? No, do you really care? You have a spreadsheet set up in Google Slides documenting your experience over the past few weeks. You can recall at a whim the amount of screen on time you've experienced on every Android device you've owned since Gingerbread. You don't get mad at your hardware when it dies at 4PM—you blame those wakelocking S.O.B apps.

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BetterBatteryStats Updates To v2.0 With Material Look, Full Lollipop Support

The always-useful BetterBatteryStats has received a major update that brings both a new look and full functionality on Lollipop devices. The interface remains fairly minimalistic, but at the least could be described as Material-esque. No hamburger menus or anything like that, but you have the bare bones there.

bbs1 bbs3 bbs2

As you can see, a dark theme is available as well. I'm not a big fan of how the dark background pairs with the vibrant green, but I know some of you really don't like white themes.

A variety of under the hood changes are here, too.

- all new and shiny, with light and dark themes
- Full Lollipop support
- Lots of I18N (see about dialog for credits)
- Added details about API stats to dumpfile
- System app dialog now links to the recovery ZIPs to be used as workaround
- Added import/export of preferences
- Added option to show/hide spinners
- Show SELinux Policy on System App dialog and Dumpfile
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