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You can now apply for the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro closed beta program

Each phone from OnePlus has three software tracks: the stable public builds that most people use, the experimental Open Betas, and finally the bleeding-edge Closed Beta program. If you love trying features before everyone else (and possibly running into serious bugs), OnePlus is now taking applications for joining the Closed Betas for the OnePlus 8 series.

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[Update: Reinstated] Apple kills Google's internal iOS apps for violating developer policies

Yesterday Apple pulled Facebook's ability to distribute internal apps for employees on iOS in the wake of an investigation performed by TechCrunch, which alleged that Facebook was not only paying teenagers to use an app to record their activity, but that the app was also abusing Apple's Enterprise Developer Program to be distributed in the first place. In follow-up coverage, it was noted that Google was also using the same method to distribute a consumer-facing app called "Screenwise Meter," which Google subsequently pulled. Regardless, The Verge is reporting that Apple has pulled Google's certificate, just as it did Facebook's.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is still in development, but here is how you can join the beta to play it right now

Jam City's upcoming choose your own adventure game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is still in development, which means most regions can't access the download from the Play Store. The good news is if you would like to test it out before it officially releases, you can join the beta right now.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile is officially available as a global release

Last Friday I did a hands-on with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile thanks to its availability as a soft-launch title in Canada. Today it would appear that the PUBG Mobile has launched worldwide minus a few European regions, though it's exactly the same version (0.3.2) as the Canadian release from last week. So short of the new areas that can access the download, nothing much has changed.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Beta 0.14.0 Hits Android With Cauldrons, Repeaters, Comparators, Hoppers, Droppers, And More

The latest beta update for Minecraft Pocket Edition has hit the Play Store. Right now the download is available just for Android users, but the Windows release is on its way. No matter, Android user means you, so dive in.

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BBC Launches Official Mobile iPlayer Beta Testing Program On Google Play

BBC iPlayer is Internet streaming's gift to the UK. The service is packed to the brim with British TV shows and documentaries, and the Android app offers a nice way to consume as much as you can.

And while you're at it, now you can get a taste of upcoming features as well. The BBC has launched an official beta testing program in the Play Store. It's open to anyone with a Google account and an Android device, as long as they live in the UK.

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Google Improves Play Store Beta Testing With Open Betas And Email Address Sign-Ups

Until now, the Play Store beta testing system was tied to Google+ communities or Google Groups, but that's changing now. Google is rolling out two new options for developers to run beta tests that don't rely on Google+.

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VLC For Android Gets Official Play Store Beta Test Group On Google+, Goes Through Material-Inspired Makeover

Following VLC on Android over the last couple of months has felt a little bit like a shell game. It all started in December when VideoLAN declared VLC was finally leaving behind its Beta status. The app retained the same package name, org.videolan.vlc.betav7neon, but was to be considered stable. Earlier this month, a brand new version 1.0 VLC app appeared in the Play Store with a package name and title devoid of the word 'beta.' This new app was to become the channel for stable releases, while the original listing was again repurposed for beta releases. This only lasted a few days before the new version vanished from the Play Store on devices and ceased to be installable from the web, at least for many of us.

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