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[Update: App goes live] Nvidia bringing GeForce Now to more Android devices, starts rolling out RTX servers [APK Download]

Nvidia has just announced that it's planning to bring its game streaming service GeForce Now to more mobile Android devices sometime in the future with a beta app. Right now the entire service is in beta, and it's only available to Windows, Mac, and Nvidia Shield users. This service beta should end in a couple of months whenever it's officially launched, though it's currently unclear if the upcoming beta for the mobile-focused app will be launched at the same time. Of course, since we are nearing the official release of the service, Nvidia has just opened its first RTX servers to German and Californian residents, which should bring with it some exemplary graphics.
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[Update: After a long beta, the official version is finally out today] The Elder Scrolls: Legends card battle game comes to Android in pre-release form

Finally, Bethesda's storied Elder Scrolls series is available on Android! Sort of. If you were hoping to romp through Skyrim or one of the older open world RPGs that PC and console players love, well, keep hoping. The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a card battle game, like Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, or any of the hundreds of similar titles in the Play Store. At the moment it's in pre-release (beta), but it's listed as compatible with both phones and tablets running Android 4.0 and higher.

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That annoying Chromecast notification is coming from the Facebook app - here's how to fix it

Over the past few days Android users have been noticing an annoying notification that pops up after using the Facebook app and watching any video. It says "Cast Device Not Connected," and includes a play and close button... and that's it. The notification opens the Facebook app when it's tapped, but the buttons don't do anything and it can't be dismissed with the usual swipe. The only way to kill the notification is to force close Facebook.

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Samsung opens a Play Store beta program for the S Note app

S Note is the included app for Samsung's Note series that enables, well, notation. It's designed to be used with the S Pen stylus for a variety of quick notes and drawings. It features most of the things that you'd expect from a notation tool, but since it's such a signature part of the differentiating hardware, Samsung seems interested in making a beta version of the app available to its users. The beta app is up on the Play Store now - head to this address to opt-in to the program, then this address to download it.

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Apple Music is officially out of beta, adds equalizer settings in latest update

Scoff all you like, Google purists: there are a lot of people who double-dip Android and iOS/Mac platforms, and we have the analytics to prove it. Those of them who subscribe to Apple's paid Music service (which is built off the bones of ye olde Beats Music) will be happy to hear that the Android version is now out of beta. It was available publicly on the Play Store before, but now it's formally released for everyone. Huzzah.

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Flow, Microsoft's cloud automation engine, gets an Android beta app

Microsoft wants to get in on some of that sweet action that services like If This, Then That and its competitors have been working on for years. To that end they've created Flow, a new web tool that automates actions across some of the major web services available at the moment, most of which (shocker!) aren't even owned by Microsoft. Flow allows users to set up automated "recipes" to complete tasks in Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, OneDrive, Github, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

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Google Maps Now Has A Play Store Beta - Get It Right Here [APK Download]

There's a Google Maps beta channel on the Play Store now, and you can sign up for it at this link. You can also download the new APK, version 9.27, directly from APK Mirror if you prefer, right here.


We're still rooting around in the app to see if there's anything new, so let us know if you find anything! (Remember, Maps was also updated last week to v9.26.1, so anything from that update is not new). Also remember that if you're running the Android N preview, you already have Maps 9.30, and so this 9.27 APK will not install over your existing app, as it's a newer version.

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Yahoo Mail Offers Contact Syncing And An Open Beta Of Its Android App

Yahoo Mail might not be the trendiest web mail service on the planet, but it's still used by hundreds of millions of accounts (if not necessarily that many actual people). And somehow, the official Yahoo Mail app for Android has neglected to sync contact information with the operating system before now. That's been rectified, according to the Mail blog on the Yahoo-owned Tumblr. The latest version of the app in the Play Store, 5.5.3, confirms it in the changelog.

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OneDrive Beta Adds PDF Annotation And Notifications For All Your Cloud Storage Needs

Microsoft's OneDrive is a very credible alternative to Google Drive or Dropbox, and today it's getting even better, albeit in beta format. PDF editing support is now included, a very welcome addition, as well as a notification view to see who's commented or edited a file that has been shared with you.

The PDF annotation works very well - I was able to highlight, strikethrough, draw a textbox, comment, and scribble on a document with ease. The delete edit function can be a little finicky due to the fact that editing precise details on a touchscreen is hard, but once you've got the hang of it, there'll be no trouble.

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Vessel Beta App Gains Chromecast Support In The Latest Version

To be honest, I'm still not sold on Vessel's business model, which posts original web video content a few days early to paying subscribers before it goes out to more general portals (usually YouTube). But the Android app seems more than serviceable even in its beta form, and the developers are adding features quickly. Case in point: the latest update adds Chromecast compatibility, which no video app should be without.

The feature works exactly as you'd expect it to: start a video and look for the Chromecast icon, then connect to a local Chromecast or Android TV device. You can connect on the main viewer screen as well, if you don't want to scramble to send your video as soon as it starts.

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