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The 'Made for Google' site is up with links to recommended accessories

Google is taking accessories more seriously this year with the "Made for Google" program. Products bearing this label have been designed by a certified Google partner to work with devices like the Pixel phones, Pixelbook, and more. If only there was some handy website that showed you all the accessories in the program. Oh hey, that's a thing now.

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Buy this Benson-approved, USB-IF certified Type-C to C cable with 10Gbps transfer support and 100W max power

Buying a USB Type-C cable is a lot more complicated than buying microUSB cables used to be. There are various subtle differences in the spec, and a bad cable can even damage your devices. This has led Google engineer Benson Leung to review Type-C accessories in order to draw attention to the ones you shouldn't buy. The latest cable to get Benson's thumbs up is the USB 3.1 Type-C cable from Veckle (formerly iOrange-E).

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[Deal Alert] Check off a New Year's resolution and get a six-pack (of Choetech USB Type C-A cables) for $7.99 ($3 off)

Do you own a device that charges via USB Type-C? Do you often find yourself feeling anxiety over finding a USB Type-C cable to charge said device? Is this anxiety causing a lack of sleep, an eye twitch, decreased browsing, or an irritable bowel? If so, then you may be suffering from Type-C cable deficiency. The good news for you is that your favorite deal hunter Jeff has an easy and affordable solution for your ailment.

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Google Wifi is powered by USB Type-C

If you check out the listing for Google Wifi, you'll see that it doesn't say much about the power adapter—just that there is one. According to Google's USB Type-C Tsar, Benson Leung, it's actually a Type-C power adapter very similar to the one that comes with the Pixel C. Neat.

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USB-IF announces new USB charger certification program

For the last year, Googler Benson Leung has been waging a one-man war on bad USB accessories. Going forward, he'll have some help in the form of the USB Implementers Forum itself. The USB-IF has announced a certification program complete with a handy little logo. If you see that logo, you'll know the accessory in question is in compliance with the spec and won't break your gear.

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Benson Leung Won't Recommend The HTC 10 Or LG G5 Because QC3.0 Over USB Type-C Is Not Spec Compliant

This. Sucks. Benson Leung, the Google man who has been on a mission to debunk every faulty and non-compliant and wannabe USB Type-C cable and adapter sold on Amazon, has spoken rather harshly about two of this year's flagship Android devices: the HTC 10 and the LG G5.

Benson actually explained this issue in detail back in November of last year, citing the USB Type-C specification, which forbids proprietary charging methods from changing Vbus above 5V. And you guessed it, this is exactly how Qualcomm's QuickCharge 3.0 works: it can charge intermittently at 9V and 12V to achieve faster charging rates.

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Amazon Updates Its Policies To Ban USB Type-C Cables That Are Not Fully Spec Compliant

Googler Benson Leung has a new ally in his fight against bad Type-C cables on Amazon, and it's none other than Amazon itself. Leung reports that Amazon has added a new line to its prohibited listing guidelines that bans cables that aren't completely compliant with the Type-C specification. It's not the end of the fight, but the tide may have turned in our favor.

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Google Engineer Benson Leung Finds A USB Type C Cable That Isn't Just Dangerous On Paper — It Allegedly Fried His Hardware

Not all USB Type C cables are created equal. Some charge better than others. A number ignore USB spec so much that they run the risk of actually damaging your hardware. This could happen gradually, or in the worst-case scenario, it could be instant.

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[Deal Alert] iOrange-E Benson-Approved USB Type C Cables Are Cheaper Now With Coupons, Prices Starting At $7.99

Any USB Type C cable will fit into a compatible port, but that doesn't mean they're made equal. Googler Benson Leung (and here you thought the headline was talking about Robert Bunsen) has held companies to task, writing extensive reviews that reveal which cables are legit and which are liable to damage your Type C devices. The iOrange-E cables are in the legit column.

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[Small Deal Alert] Spec-Compliant USB 2.0 Type-C iOrange-E Cable $10.99 With Coupon On Amazon

About a month ago, Google engineer Benson Leung went on an Amazon crusade against companies claiming to sell USB Type-A to Type-C charging and data cables. As Benson found out from his extensive reviews, most of them were selling non-compliant cables with the wrong kind of resistor that could potentially damage your Type-C devices (like the new Nexus 5X, 6P, Chromebook Pixel). The list of correct cables was small and the braided USB 3.1 USB 2.0 iOrange-E was among them. It also happened to be the cheapest back then at $14.99.

A month later, the situation has changed a little bit.

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