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Google's Pixel survives durability tests, including a bend test, that last year's Nexus 6P succumbed to

Ah, the iPhone 6 Plus. Not only was it Apple's first phablet, but after many owners realized that their shiny, huge new iPhones were bending in their pockets, it also became the phone that truly introduced bend tests to the world.

YouTuber Zack from JerryRigEverything performs durability tests on almost every flagship smartphone that gets globally released, and when the world saw him do one (and then another) on a Nexus 6P, it was shocked at the Huawei-built device's seemingly twig-like snapping. Now, Zack has posted a video of himself testing the Google Pixel's durability, and its performance in this arena is definitely more impressive than last year's Google flagship's.

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[Freak Out] Contrary To Popular Belief, The Nexus 6P Is Not Unbreakable

Last week, a video of a Nexus 6P being snapped in twain caused quite a ruckus around the internet. But while some people got very worked up over the fact that a grown man can produce enough force to break a 7-millimeter-thin slab of metal, glass, and silicon, others correctly pointed out that the validity of the "bend test" was compromised by the cracked display. Indeed, logic implies that when a phone is half broken, it is structurally weaker than when it is not broken.

Wanting to prove his point, the YouTuber proceeded to buy another Nexus 6P over the weekend and film one more video of himself attempting to break it.

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[Chill Out] There Is No Nexus 6P Bendgate

The "bend test" has been a thing ever since Apple redesigned the iPhone in 2014. It didn't take long for people to notice the new thinner phones could be bent fairly easily (this was "bendgate"). So, now that everyone is worried about how easily phones bend, YouTubers have taken it upon themselves to test that. One video in particular has made waves as it purports to show the new Nexus 6P folding in half like a piece of wet cardboard. However, this video misrepresents the build-quality of the phone.

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