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New Galaxy Fold video shows a clear crease in the display

Unlike most phones shown at MWC, the Galaxy Fold was kept in a protective glass box, which prevented visitors from getting their hands on the device. Despite the casing, we noticed a crease in the middle the display, which isn't a surprise given the panel is covered by plastic and not glass. Indeed, every time the handset is opened and closed, the plastic gets bent and creases over (a short period of) time. However, there were no unofficial videos of the Galaxy Fold available online to confirm this until one surfaced yesterday. It reveals more about the phone, including a very noticeable crease in the screen.

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Lenovo teases bendable phone - again

Not content to let others have all the fun in October, Lenovo has decided to tease an announcement of its own, showing off a flexible phone. If you feel like you’ve heard this story before, it’s probably because you have; Lenovo introduced us to a bendable wrist-phone in 2016. That concept device never made it to market so the latest news might seem like a similar PR stunt.

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