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Google's Android Oreo statue behind-the-scenes video shows its creation and unveiling

After months of our hopes that Android O's final name would be Oreo, Google has finally satisfied all of our hopes and dreams and named it after one of Nabisco's most famous treats. The unveiling might have only lasted for a few minutes, but in the latest video posted to the Android YouTube channel, Google shows the process of making the statue, as well as its official debut.

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Themendous Is The Company That Makes Google's Android Statues, Here's How They Made The Latest 'KitKat' One

Every time Google pushes out a new version of Android, they lift up a new statue in front of the Googleplex commemorating whichever sweet desert serves as the current codename. When the company revealed Android 4.4 yesterday and its codename "KitKat," they released a photo of the new statue standing in front of similar ones for Jelly Bean, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, etc. Those statues are all made by the same company, Themendous, and those fine folks have released photos documenting the creation of the latest statue.

Themendous1 Themendous2 Themendous9

Themendous3 Themendous4 Themendous5

Themendous6 Themendous7 Themendous8

The choice of the name KitKat has bothered some for being Android's first use of a trademarked name (in this case, one owned by Nestle), but apparently it was all in good fun.

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ASUS Posts 4-Minute Padfone 2 Behind-The-Scenes Video, Takes You Even Deeper Into The Turducken

ASUS just unveiled the second generation Padfone, which seems to be an improvement over its predecessor in every way imaginable. The phone has a better processor, more RAM, a larger, high-resolution display, and a much better camera. The Tablet Station is somewhat similar to last year's model, but even the way the phone is docked into it is more intuitive than ever. In fact, that's exactly what ASUS was going for with every aspect of the Padfone 2: intuition. They wanted this device to be as intuitive as possible, and designed the unit around that idea. 

This video highlights the thought that went into the design - from the materials used to sound quality, and everything in between.

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Gameloft Shows Off Behind-The-Scenes Look At Modern Combat 4

Back at the end of September, Gameloft released a teaser for its upcoming title Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Needless to say, we were pretty blown away by the graphical content and fluid gameplay. Now, the company has released another teaser, this time showing us more detailed gameplay, and some behind-the-scenes insight into the title's creation.

They also give away parts of the storyline for the upcoming title, including the fact that both protagonist and antagonist will be playable characters.

It's assumed that this is the first in a series of development videos leading up to the game's launch, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for more entries to show up.

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Want To Know What Sprint 4G Cell Towers Look Like? Sprint Starts A "Behind The Scenes Of Major 4G Launches" Video Series

Ever wanted to know what exactly it takes to roll out a whole new cellular network? Sprint, being one of the first companies in the US to do it (well, Clearwire is doing all the leg work), today launched a new video series which will explore just what exactly it takes to provide a large metropolitan area with 4G coverage.

The first video, "Wiring up 4G in NYC: Rooftops," is out now, embedded below. In the video, Iyad Tarazi, vice president of Network and Development, shows what a 4G cell tower really looks like. I must, say, I was very much surprised by its miniature size, especially compared to the 3G cell tower right next to it.

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