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[Real Men Of Genius] Bud Light Salutes The Bud-E Smart Fridge

Bud Light presents Real Men of Genius.

Real Men of Genius!

Today we salute you, Mr. Bud-E smart fridge.*

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The Bud Light Button App Schedules Beer Deliveries To Your Doorstep...As Long As You Live In DC


There are a few perks to living in the nation's capital: you can drive by the White House any time you want, there are loads of historical monuments to check out, the Wizards are actually good this season, and now you can get beer delivered directly to your doorstep with the new Bud Light Button app.

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Really, it's not a lot different than other delivery-based apps, but the fact that you can order bottles of beer and have them show up at your house is still pretty neat. It seems stupid-easy to use, too – sign up for an account, tap the number of bottles you want, verify your address (it uses geolocation to know where you are), hold the button to confirm your order, and boom, beer's on its way.

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Brewie Promises Automated Beer Making For Novices And Pros, Reaches $100k Indiegogo Funding Goal

It's Friday afternoon, you've been breaking your back all week at work, and you can't wait to kick back with a cold, frosty beverage. You can't bring yourself to walk into the regular bars where your choices consist of Coors and Coors Light, and your favorite beer house just ran out of the Fuzzy Baby Ducks IPA. You could pick up a sixer from the store, but that just doesn't have the gravitas to impress your friends when they swing by later. Hey, you should homebrew your own beer! But, who has the time to learn and set it all up?

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[New App] Drizly Delivers Liquor Quicker To City Slickers (In Boston And New York, Anyway)

We've all been there: you're hours deep in a friendly get together, poker game, or Android Police podcast. Suddenly disaster strikes - your spirits run out, both literally and figuratively. If you've got the brand new Drizly app for Android, you can resupply your booze in under an hour without ever having to leave the house. Unfortunately, this incredible service is only available in very specific parts of Boston, Manhattan, and Brooklyn for the time being.

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The app is pretty simple, just input your location and payment information (they'll check to make sure you're 21) and pick out the beer, wine, or hard liquor you want.

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Kegbot Tablet-Powered Beer Kegerator Tops $15k Kickstarter Funding Goal With Plenty Of Time Left For Drinks

Frat boys who have graduated into post-campus life know that there's nothing worse for someone accustomed to being the life of the party than having a keg run out of beer. It's the kind of social embarrassment that few reputations can bounce back from. That (I imagine) is why nearly 300 people have contributed over $30,000 to the Kegbot Kickstarter project, which promises a tablet-powered beer kegerator. Its $15,000 funding goal stands broken with several days remaining before the campaign ends.


Kegbot is a combination flow sensor, tablet, and microcontroller that serve as the front-end for your keg. The end product can track every serving of beer that comes through the tap and monitor how much is left.

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Looks About Right: St. Patrick's Day Through Google Glass [Video]

You don't really need my commentary for this one. Just kick back for 2 minutes, watch, and see if this humorous take on Google Glass by stuntbear cracks a smile on your face. These will never get old.

Warning: As you've already probably guessed, some interesting language some might call French indeed found its way into the video. Consider using your headphones if watching at work.

Source: Youtube

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[New App] Beer Citizen Is The App Where Beer Nerds And Regular Nerds Meet

Quick quiz: can you name how many different beers you've had in the last week, their country of origin, and their brew style? Do you know what beer to recommend with barbeque shrimp? Have you ever successfully used the word "mouthfeel" in a sentence? Then Beer Citizen is for you. It follows the basic formula for enthusiast "social" apps (in other words, just like BeerAdvocate) but presents all that information in a mobile-friendly format that's got more taste and is less filling.

Friends, reviews, photo annotations - it's all here. The sliders for different qualities is a nice touch for those who want to get really specific.

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Meet KegDroid: An Android/Arduino-Powered Keg In The Shape Of Our Favorite Robot: Your Argument Is Invalid

There comes a time in every person's life when he or she must decide what to do with the time they've been given on earth. Will it be used to benefit mankind, or to destroy it? Will it be to help or to harm? In Google engineer Paul Carff's case, he went for both. Thus, KegDroid was born. This gorgeous Android statue, with beer taps for hands, dispenses home brew at the touch of a screen.

The keg comes complete with flow control, so you can select what size drink you want and the bot will pour it automatically. It uses NFC tags to ensure that only approved users can get at your precious booze supply.

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[Download] Flavors Of The MyWater Live Wallpaper For Honeycomb, Including A Must For Beer Drinkers

Remember the stunning MyWater live wallpaper that was ripped out of the Transformer a month ago, complete with ice cubes floating in water that shifts around when you tilt your tablet? Here it is:


I actually had no idea but apparently the water level changes depending on the battery charge level. Very cool!

This was the only live wallpaper I've ever considered running on my XOOM - it's original, well done, and constantly draws intrigued stares from the people around. It was the only one until today that is, when I saw Ruvort's custom mods to it over at

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