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New Rock, Paper, Scissors Android Ad Celebrates Android Diversity

Android's ads for the past several months have highlighted the diversity within the ecosystem as a whole, extending into the diversity between users as well. In fact, Android's de facto slogan is now "Be together. Not the same," implying that the platform benefits more from the collective differences between its users, devices, and manufacturers than the plain, boring homogeneity of other mobile operating systems.

Android's latest ad highlights how different people can have complementing strengths by telling the story of White Sheet of Paper, the new kid at school that's having a hard time fitting in. Yellow Sheet of Paper, the local school bully, takes a disliking to our protagonist and decides to beat him up with the help of his two goons, Pink Sheet and Failed Exam with Coffee Stains.

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The People Who Made The 'Monotune' Android Commercial Recorded An Entire Album, And It's Free On Google Play Music

Google's "Monotune" Android commercial is pretty cool. The musical analogy is interesting (and it ties in well with Google's "be together, not the same" marketing campaign), but there's an impressive technical aspect to it as well. The producers modified a grand piano so that all 88 keys were turned to middle C, so that pianist Ji-Yong Kim could really play the music using a single note. As cool as that commercial is, they might have taken things a bit too far with the latest promotion: an entire album of music played with that one-note piano.

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New Android Commercial Uses 'Not The Same' Musical Analogy, Leads To Confusing Tweets

Google has been on a kick lately with Android ads featuring the "Be together. Not the same" slogan, and the latest uses a piano to make its point. The ad shows what it would be like if all those keys were the same instead of different, which is fun and kind of clever. However, the @Android Twitter account got a little carried away with the letter "C."

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Android's Heart-Warming Young Together Ad Shows The Youthful Nature Of People Across All Ages

There's no beating the adorably cute Friends Furever Android commercial, but Google can still try to bring some "oh" and "awww" into more ads for its platform. This new Be Together, Not The Same video is all about people from various age groups using their Android phones and tablets for fun and youthful stuff.

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Google Goes For Record Lack Of Android Mentions In Latest 'Be Together' Ads

When Google kicked off its Be Together, Not The Same campaign, it started off with Androidified characters just being generally adorable. This month, the company has decided it doesn't need to make any references to Android, phones, tablets, or devices of any kind in order to sell its products. Google handles most of our searches, and it knows nothing draws eyeballs like cute animals doing cute animal-y things.

Now it's released another ad that's nearly as absent of tech as the last. This one is all about handshakes and the many different ways people of various ages and backgrounds come up with giving each other dap.

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