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Realme X50 Pro 5G packs 6 cameras, Snapdragon 865, 65W fast-charging, and 90Hz display

Relative newcomer Realme impressed with the value proposition of its last flagship and now the sister company of Oppo and OnePlus is back with its first 5G model. The X50 Pro improves upon a number of spec points while clearly sharing the DNA of the X2 Pro from the end of last year.

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The Oppo R17 Pro and OnePlus 6T are twins separated at birth - but why?

OnePlus is something of a Cinderella story in the smartphone world. It seemed to appear out of nowhere, releasing a phone with numbers that matched the best the likes of Samsung and HTC had to offer - and did it at half the price. The OnePlus One went viral in a way few products do, and the rest is history (well, as much as four years can be “history”). OnePlus just keeps improving on that formula, most recently with the excellent OnePlus 6T, which I’ve had a chance to use for the last few weeks. And it really is a great phone - we even gave it our ‘Phone of the Year’ award.

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Editorial: If OnePlus Will Basically Just Lie With Marketing Slogans, We Have No Reason To Respect Them

OnePlus is easily the world's most controversial smartphone company, and that's for good reason: they actively bring that controversy upon themselves. And they know they do.

Case in point: the OnePlus 2's so dumb I can't believe it but yes I can marketing slogan - "2016 Flagship Killer."

Now, if you ask OnePlus about this phrase, they'll probably claim you're not "getting" their meaning. Their "meaning" is that "specs don't matter." People are tired of specs (OnePlus cofounder Carl Pei literally told me this, by the way). Except the specs OnePlus dutifully teased over the course of weeks and months leading up to their phone's launch.

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