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UK government U-turn: COVID-19 contact-tracing app will switch to Google-Apple technology

Nobody expected the UK government's testing and rollout of its COVID-19 track and trace app to go particularly smoothly, but to say the process has been shambolic could possibly be an understatement. After the recent news of its delay, we're now hearing that the NHS app is going to be completely reworked to incorporate Google and Apple's collaborative solution instead of the centralized version that was previously tested.

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BBC iPlayer Radio shutdown begins, get the BBC Sounds app to continue listening [APK Download]

Last summer, The Beeb (as it's affectionately known on my side of the pond) launched a new app for all of its various audio content, inventively called BBC Sounds. At that point, we knew the BBC iPlayer Radio app's days were numbered, but now the time has finally come to say goodbye to what many people still believe is the superior app.

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[Update: It's back] BBC blocks its content from Google Podcasts

Podcasts are a prime example of the internet doing something right. You aren't forced to use one particular service, but you can freely choose how you'd like to consume your favorite content. Well, if you happen to be a Google Podcasts user and an avid BBC listener, those times are over for now. The British network is blocking all its content from Google's app and Assistant.

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BBC Sounds app arrives to replace iPlayer Radio and attract a younger audience [APK Download]

The UK's most famous media institution, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), seems like it's constantly in transition as it tries to maintain its traditional values at the same time as adapting to a new generation of viewers, listeners, and readers. As far as audio content goes, the BBC has had to supplement its live and on-demand content by releasing podcasts on other services, too.

Music streaming apps dominate with younger media consumers, so the BBC has had to come up with a new strategy which includes replacing the aging iPlayer Radio app with something a little more Generation Z. BBC Sounds is out now for Android and iOS, reimagining the BBC's audio output in a bid to tempt users away from the likes of Spotify and Apple Music.

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BBC America launches new catch up app for Android TV [APK Download]

Here in the UK, you get used to the convenience of catching up on any BBC show using the fantastic iPlayer app. It hasn't been so easy for Stateside users, even though the BBC iPlayer Radio app is available outside the UK. BBC America has just released its very own app, so US viewers can get some of the same benefits as we do this side of the Atlantic.

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BBC launches its Arabic news app on the Play Store

BBC publishes a lot of apps for the UK market, but it's been branching out and making apps for a more worldwide audience as well. The BBC News app has already been localized to several languages, with language translations but also a focus on the target culture and audience: there's BBC Mundo, BBC Hindi, BBC Russian, BBC Cymru Fyw, and now the latest addition is BBC Arabic.

The app is obviously in Arabic and right-to-left aligned. It follows the same design as the other apps with a red theme and title bar, different categories of news spanning the world and the Middle East, and covering politics, science, technology, economy, arts, sports, and more.

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BBC iPlayer Radio app updated to support Android Auto [APK Download]

If you've ever sampled the BBC's excellent radio output, there's one app you really need in your life: BBC iPlayer Radio. It's a one-stop shop for all BBC radio shows, from sport to comedy to current affairs, and while the app may have its quirks, it's still a mostly good experience on Android.

The latest update to the app includes support for Google's in-car OS Android Auto (as well as Apple CarPlay), so you can more easily and safely listen to your favorite shows while you're behind the wheel. According to the BBC, 22 million people listen to its radio shows when driving, and a good number of those are likely to have Android Auto installed in their cars, so this will be good news for many.

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The BBC Taster VR app shows off new 360 degree content from the makers of Planet Earth II, and more

The BBC is pretty good when it comes to 360-degree content. The British media network even has a dedicated '360 Videos' YouTube playlist with a nice selection, ranging from tours of Italian cities to immersive wildlife experiences. It's now taking this to the logical next step, courtesy of its experimental BBC Taster studio, which has released a new VR app.

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[Deal Alert] The first episode of Doctor Who season 10, plus the first episode of Class (a spinoff), are free on Google Play

'The Pilot,' the first episode of Doctor Who season 10, aired yesterday worldwide. The new season comes about a year and a half after the final episode of season 9, so it's been quite the wait for fans of the show. To celebrate, the episode is currently free on Google Play, along with the first episode of Class, the latest Doctor Who spinoff.

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British TV streaming service BritBox is now live in the US

Residents of the UK enjoy a number of nice perks including universal healthcare, a cool accent, and lots of good television content. Some British TV has made its way over to US networks and streaming services, but a lot of it has been hard to come by on this side of the pond. BritBox is a new streaming service that launches today to make a ton of series from the BBC and ITV available in the US. You can grab the app right now.

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