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ScreenHits TV wants be your one-stop video streaming subscription hub

The streaming service landscape is quickly becoming convoluted with every TV network, production company, and entrepreneur launching their own exclusive platforms. That's where ScreenHits TV wants to come in. The company will soon launch a service in the US and the UK that lets you aggregate Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, and more into one single interface and subscription.

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BBC Launches Official Mobile iPlayer Beta Testing Program On Google Play

BBC iPlayer is Internet streaming's gift to the UK. The service is packed to the brim with British TV shows and documentaries, and the Android app offers a nice way to consume as much as you can.

And while you're at it, now you can get a taste of upcoming features as well. The BBC has launched an official beta testing program in the Play Store. It's open to anyone with a Google account and an Android device, as long as they live in the UK.

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BBC iPlayer 4.0 Update Introduces New Home, Channel, And Category Pages

BBC has just pushed the Go button on its big iPlayer redesign. Now an updated version of the app is available in the Play Store that introduces tweaks to the way users stumble across new things to watch. The changes are apparent on the home screen, where the refined focus on discovering content is apparent right from the go. There are also new pages for browsing channels and perusing through categories.


All of these pages now include collections, a way for the channel to group shows together according to series or theme. This, again, highlights another change the company has made to better present its content to potential viewers.

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BBC iPlayer Users Can Now Download Videos On Any Android Device Running Android 4.0 Or Higher

Back in September, the BBC iPlayer jumped to version 2.0 and introduced the ability for users to download full episodes and store them for up to 30 days. At the time, the feature only worked on the eleven devices that the developers tested. Now it should work on any Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich or above.

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BBC iPlayer Gets Predicted Chromecast Support, But Users With Imported Chromecasts May Need To Factory Reset Before It'll Work

For our readers across the pond, BBC iPlayer takes some of the network's shows and provides them for easy viewing on Android devices. What about the TV? The latest version of the app has that covered too. This would be a surprise, but we already spilled the beans on this release a few days ago. We knew this update was to coincide with the launch of Chromecasts in the UK on March 19th, and now it's here.


A reader has reported to us that casting may not work on imported Chromecasts until they've first been factory reset. This will then change them from "US" to "GB." Afterwards, the cast button should appear.

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[APK Teardown] BBC iPlayer Gains Casting Ability, Likely Timed For Chromecast Launch On March 19

We learned yesterday that the Chromecast would finally make its grand entrance to our friends in the UK on March 19. While the recently finalized Google Cast SDK should leave them with plenty of ways to start using it right away, there's one app that definitely needed to take the plunge and add support: BBC's iPlayer. Well, it looks like the BBC had the same thought, because a recent update gives us solid evidence that Chromecast streaming is coming very soon.

The updated apk came out on March 13, making the jump to version 3.0, but only identifying "Bug fixes" in the changelog.

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BBC iPlayer For Android Updated To Version 2.0, Debuts Video Downloads And Android 4.3 Support

The BBC iPlayer has made the jump to version 2.0, and while it may not have that long of a change log, the features it introduces are big ones. For starters, the app now supports full downloads. Users can download TV shows for free and keep them on their devices for up to 30 days. Just keep in mind that they will expire a week after first being viewed. Users can only download via a WiFi connection, but they have the choice between standard and high quality video.


Support for Android 4.3 doesn't affect that many devices on the market just yet, but considering the release of the new Nexus 7, this is a big deal for those tablet owners who want to use it to consume their favorite BBC content.

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