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Official Battleship game joins 1,000,001 knock-offs on the Play Store

Marmalade Game Studio already has a few digital adaptations of popular Hasbro board games under their belt, so it makes sense that they would be the company to publish an official Battleship game on the Play Store. The thing is, they are very late to the party. For years there have been nothing but clones available on Android, and some of them are actually pretty good. That means BATTLESHIP: Official Edition is going to have some stiff competition on its hands if it wants to succeed.

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Skahal Studios' Ships N' Battles Brings Battleship To Android In HD, Multiplayer Fashion

An Android port of the classic board game Battleship isn't, by any means, a new or novel idea - apps like Naval Clash have been offering this functionality for ages now - but once you've laid your eyes on Ships N' Battles (the latest such port), you'll never go back to the previous efforts.

battleship 1 battleship 2 battleship 3

Ships N' Battles, Skahal Studios' first foray into the Play Store, merges the classic board game with fancy new HD graphics. And to great effect - if the screenshots above weren't sufficient evidence of that, have a gander at this video demo:

The budding dev hasn't sacrificed function in the name of form, however; an awesome multiplayer mode is included, complete with support for both online ('Global Server') and WiFi ('local area network') gaming.

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