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Battleheart 2 hacks and slashes its way onto the Play Store

Mika Mobile's Battleheart RPG series has been around since the first title originally released in 2011. In the mobile gaming world, that is ancient. As a matter of fact, the original Battleheart was so old, that in 2016 it had to be re-released so that it would work on Android 5.0 or higher. In all this time I never thought we would get a sequel, but lo and behold Battleheart 2 is here. It recently landed on the Play Store, and unlike Battleheart Legacy, it is a proper sequel to the original.

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Battleheart Developer Mika Mobile Returns To Android With Dungeon Crawler 'Battleheart Legacy'

Update: It looks like the developer had some initial problems and has temporarily pulled the game. It should be back up soon.

Back in early 2012, mobile game developer Mika Mobile made the public and controversial decision to stop creating games for Android. Though Mika has deleted its original post explaining why, our own David Ruddock wrote an editorial at the time, explaining that the small company was tired of the poor exposure offered by the Play Store and a low return on investment for porting games that had to work on so many different pieces of hardware.

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[New Game] The Makers Of Call Of Mini Try Their Hands At Dungeon Crawling With Tiny Legends: Heroes

Dungeon crawlers are getting a surprising revival on mobile platforms, and Triniti Interactive has just thrown their surprisingly blocky hat in the ring. Tiny Legends: Heroes is the second entry in their Legends series. This one is focused on strategically managing multiple characters at once (a la Battleheart, among many others) and keeps the distinctive, quasi-retro art style that's help made their other games so popular.

You're given up to three Heroes to manage on any given stage. Swipe your finger from one hero to an enemy to engage them, or from one friendly to another to heal. Special attacks are performed via handy buttons, and leveling up your fighters will result in more powerful skills.

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[New Game] Desktop Favorite Magicka Comes To Android, Plays Nice With iOS (But Not With Smartphones)

For the last two years, the Magicka series of indie fantasy games have lit up the Steam charts. Their mix of traditional Diablo-style gameplay and tongue-in-cheek humor has made them a favorite, and enabled such nonsensical expansions as Magicka: Vietnam (where the four elemental mages put the hurt on pinko commies). Now publisher Paradox is bringing the series to mobile, with the typically self-referential subtitle Wizards of the Square Tablet. 

The monster-fighting action takes on a slightly simplified air in this 2D, sprite-based version of the game. Your four mages fight on an XY plane with gesture and tap-based controls (a la Battleheart and its multitude of clones), using the globes at the bottom of the screen to combine elements for new spells.

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Mika Mobile's Decision To Stop Making Games For Android Raises Troubling Questions And Concerns About Developing For The Platform

If you've never heard of Mika Mobile, that's not a huge surprise - they're a small, but fairly successful mobile game developer that focuses primarily on iOS. Their number one title (in terms of recent sales) is Zombieville USA 2, which has over 68,000 ratings on the App Store, and the most recent version of the game has averaged 5 stars. So we're clear, that's no small feat.

Their first game, Zombieville USA, was released for Android last July. I reviewed it and, frankly, wasn't a big fan (particularly because the first release seemed plagued with bugs). It's a relatively mundane time-killing side-scroller in which you button-mash zombies to death with a variety of weapons and characters.

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[New Game] Review: Zombieville USA (From The Makers of Battleheart) - Classic Sidescrolling, Modern Bugginess

Earlier today, Mika Mobile, developer of the popular game Battlheart, released their popular iOS title Zombieville USA on the Android Market. You can pick it up now for $2. What exactly is this game? Mindless sidescrolling, shoot/bash-em-up 2D action. This was Mika's first game release, and it's just now been ported to Android. Unfortunately, the gameplay is showing its age, and it's somewhat obvious this game is a hasty iOS port.

Enter The Zombie

Where to begin? When I saw the screenshots for this game, I wasn't exactly enthusiastic about quality. Then again, I'd never heard of Mika Mobile, or Battleheart, until I was informed of its relative popularity by Artem.

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