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RAVPower AC 27000mAh 100W Power Bank review: Big battery, low power, good price

We spend a lot of time researching the gadgets we use, but often gloss over things when it comes to accessories. That seems to be especially true in the case of power, where most of us just sort of use whatever battery or charger we have on hand—convenience is the most important thing. But if you look into the matter, not all batteries are created equal. Thankfully, RAVPower's 27,000mAh, 110V AC-compatible battery has some decent specs in an inexpensive package, and we've got a coupon that makes it even cheaper.

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App Standby Buckets in Android P group apps based on use, limiting resources for less important ones

With every new version of Android come promises of better battery and power management from Google, some of which, like Doze, have worked out quite well. With P, one of the new elements coming are called App Standby Buckets. This method effectively segregates apps into different tiers, or buckets; the system then limits device resource allocation based on which group an app is in.

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Android P will have a new Adaptive Battery setting for extended life

Earlier today, a handful of Android P DP2 features leaked out which included mention of a new Adaptive Battery setting. The new feature will allow you to "limit battery for infrequently used apps" (an incredibly technical description, if I've ever heard one). Ostensibly, the phone prevents apps from doing... something by learning how you use them over time and limiting some undefined aspect about them. 

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[Deal Alert] RAVPower 27,000mAh battery with 3-prong AC plug and USB-C down to $95.99 ($34 off) with our exclusive code

All of us have a thirst for more power, which is why so many people have battery packs these days. But not everything we need can be charged via USB. For those scenarios, a battery with a 3-prong AC plug output would be ideal, and that's exactly what RAVPower's massive 27,000mAh (up to 100W) battery offers at its lowest-ever price of $95.99 with our exclusive coupon code.

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260,000 AmazonBasics power banks recalled for fire risk

Amazon is recalling six models of power banks in its AmazonBasics line, totaling about 260,000 units, due to 53 reports of overheating in the US. One of these reports caused chemical burns, and four caused property damage.

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[Update: Solution] Android P feature spotlight: Battery menu no longer includes per-app usage data

The name of the game in Android updates is usually adding features, but occasionally we lose something. That seems to be the case in the battery menu. In past versions, you could see per-app battery usage in the system settings. In Android P, that's all gone. You can, however, see app usage in the developer options.

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[Deal Alert] Grab RAVPower's 26,800mAh USB-C/PD portable charger from Amazon for $53.99 with coupon ($26 off)

I can speak from experience when I say having a portable charger is just fantastic. It alleviates battery anxiety when I'm on trips or on really long days, and with the increasing amount of USB-C devices in the world, the compatible mobile power banks are even more useful. That's why I think many of you will be interested in this deal over on Amazon. RAVPower's 26,800mAh battery is $53.99 with a coupon code, a respectable $26 off the $79.99 MSRP.

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Mophie Powerstation AC review: USB Type-C, 22000mAh, 110 Volts, 100 Watts, $200

Just ahead of this year's CES, Mophie announced a massive 22,000mAh battery capable of spitting both 30W USB-PD over Type-C and 100W over a standard AC outlet, all in a relatively dinky 7.5" x 4.5" x 1.1" package. It even had what looked like a swanky gray fabric shell, so our interest was certainly piqued. The only real potential drawback we noted at the time was the price. $199.95 is pretty serious cash for a 22,000mAh battery.

Since then, the battery has been marked down to ~$125 on Amazon. Now that I've had a chance to play with one for a while, I can say that it's a great battery, but depending on your use case it might not be a great value. 

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Anker PowerHouse 200 offers 200Wh in a seven-pound package for $299.99

Many of you probably know about the Anker PowerHouse, a massive 434Wh battery that can be had for $499.99. But if that was too much money for more power than you needed, Anker has just unveiled the PowerHouse 200, a smaller and less expensive version. It's still a giant brick of a battery, but if you just don't need 434Wh, this is the car battery-shaped battery for you.

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Some Galaxy Note8 and Tab S3 units are refusing to turn on after having their batteries drained to zero

It's hard to forget about the fiery Galaxy Note7 battery fiasco that Samsung had to deal with over a year ago. While the company went to great lengths to assure customers that this wouldn't ever happen again, a different kind of battery issue has arisen on the Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy Tab S3. Some customers are now reporting that their devices will not turn back on after their batteries have died completely.

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