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Running Low On Battery When Ordering Pizza Or Grocery Shopping? ASUS Proposes You Speed Rap Or Buy A Zenfone Max

What do you do when your phone is running low on battery and you must make a phone call because the wife expects you to do some grocery shopping before you get home or because your tummy has started rumbling and your only path to salvation is through the gooey cheese-stuffed crusts of a pepperoni pizza?

Well, you either whip out your speed rapping skills that you innately acquired that very moment to blast through an entire conversation in a few seconds, or you wish you were using an ASUS Zenfone Max with its 5000mAh battery to never, ever, have that problem in the first place.

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[Deal Alert] Tronsmart And Aukey Are Both Offering Discounted Multi-USB Chargers With Quick Charge 2.0 Compatibility

If you happen to be in the market for a new gadget to charge your phone, or perhaps every USB-powered device in your house, you're in luck. Tronsmart and Aukey, two of the more prominent accessory sellers on Amazon, are both offering discounts with coupon codes today. If you have a Quick Charge 2.0 compatible phone or tablet, you can pick up a three-port Tronsmart wall charger for just $10.50 with the coupon 3USBWALL. The double car charger version is also $10.50 with the coupon 2USBCHAR. Both are discounted by a little less than ten bucks.

If two or three ports simply aren't enough for you, the Titan multi-port charger can send Quick Charge juice to five different gadgets simultaneously.

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[Deal Alert] Anker Is Running A Sale On Loads Of Its Products In The US And Europe

Anker is running a pretty big campaign in celebration of their new Quick Charge 3.0 chargers with discounts on a ton of products and even smartphone giveaways. This isn't your typical deal alert: there are over a dozen different discounts for products across Amazon US and UK, with everything from chargers to battery packs to cables. The campaign is also running in Germany, and while there aren't any coupon codes for, the prices are comparable to the ones in the US and UK, so be sure to check the source link if you want to order something from inside continental Europe, too.

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ZeroLemon Releases A Giant 9000mAh Extended Battery For The LG V10 - Amazon Has It For $60

ZeroLemon, purveyor of enormous batteries and even bigger cases to the mobile masses, has another extended battery on offer. This time it's for the LG V10, the high-end phone with a weird little stock ticker screen above its primary panel. As with most of ZeroLemon's designs, it wraps around the entire phone with specific cutouts for buttons and ports. The extended battery is 9000mAh, exactly three times bigger than the V10's stock battery, and it's selling on Amazon for $60.

The V10 bucks the trend of slim and enclosed batteries in flagship phones, which means the extended battery can be attached directly to the phone's battery compartment without a pass-through port.

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[Deal Alert] Nekteck Car Jump Starter Portable Power Bank On Sale For $49.99 At Amazon After $30 Off CC

There is nothing worse than getting into your car as you prepare to leave for work and discovering your battery is dead. You could call AAA - if you have a membership, your parents - if they live close by, or a friend - if you have any of those. Regardless of whom you call, by the time they get there, you are going to be late to work.

The other option is to buy a portable battery pack that doubles as a car jump-starter and keep it in your trunk for just such occasions. There are a ton of different companies that make these things, and today, one of them is on sale.

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[Deal Alert] Official Niantic Labs-Licensed Cheero Ingress Power Cube With 12,000mAh Capacity Drops Below $30 On Amazon

Ingress players are a special breed. They're willing to take their phones out in public and walk around staring at their phones. Okay, maybe they're not all that different from other Android gamers after all. Nonetheless, their game of choice requires they go out and explore, and that means running the risk of a dead battery.

Cheero made a battery specifically for Ingress players, and it has been officially licensed by the game's creator, Niantic Labs.

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Stanford Researchers Figure Out A Way To Turn Off Overheating Lithium Batteries Before They Explode

Batteries overheat and when they do and there's no control system in place to shut the device down, the temperature keeps on rising and they explode. That's the sad story at the beginning of every news article that talks about exploding Samsungs and LGs and iPhones and other smartphones or Lithium-ion battery-powered gadgets. But Stanford researchers have been working on this problem and trying to come up with a way to solve it with the current battery technology that we have. They seem to have succeeded.

Using nanotechnology, they created a flexible film of spiky nickel particles coated with graphene and (an atom-thick layer of carbon).

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[Deal Alert] KMASHI 15000mAh External Battery Pack Reduced To $12.50 On Amazon With Coupon Code

For some people, an external battery pack provides comfort during a power outage. For others, it's a necessity, a way to avoid being alone once the sun sets.

Either way, don't spend your money on a charger that can only re-power your phone once before blowing its load. Instead, wait for a deal online and get something that can go five times as long.

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Huawei Develops New Lithium-Ion Batteries That Charge Crazy Fast, Possibly Ten Times As Quick As Normal Batteries

At the 56th Battery Symposium in Japan, Huawei showed off its next generation of quick charging batteries. Huh? Yes, there's a Battery Symposium in Japan, and yes, there have been fifty-five of them in the past. Stay focused here.

Huawei says its new lithium-ion batteries can achieve charging speeds ten times faster than normal batteries.

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Google Will Not Allow OEMs To Hide Information From Battery Stats In Marshmallow

Google has implemented some battery saving technologies in Android 6.0, and OEMs will have to use them. That's great, but what about tracking your battery usage? Some device makers are famous for obscuring or completely removing certain stats (eg. HTC doesn't display screen-on time). That won't be allowed in Android 6.0, according to the Marshmallow Compatibility Definition Document (CDD).

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