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11 Android widgets that are actually useful

Widgets have long been one of the more unique features of the Android operating system, allowing your various homescreen panels to be more than just a grid of little icons. You can set aside space for functional (and occasionally, actually attractive!), dynamic tools that do everything from control music playback or show you to the weather, to monitoring your phone's CPU and data usage stats. But as widgets have generally declined in popularity, it's become a little tougher to find ones that remain actively supported and, at the least, don't openly clash with modern Android's design aesthetic. Here are 11 of our favorites.

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Battery Widget Reborn Beta Adds Support For DashClock Widget, Torch Functionality, Bug Fixes

I've been a big fan of Battery Widget Reborn since we first covered it back in July of 2012. In fact, it's been installed on every device I've owned (or tested) since then. Why? Because it looks good, brings a lot of info to the table, and is constantly updated with new features.

One of my other favorite widgets is the more-recently announced DashClock Widget. There's a lot to love about it, too – like the fact that it supports extensions, making it infinitely customizable. Developers can easily add DashClock support into their app thanks to its handy API.

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[Hands On] 'Battery Widget? Reborn!' Is An Elegant, Holo-Themed Battery Widget That Packs A Ton Of Info

I've seen hundreds of battery widgets. Maybe more. Still, I've been using Circle Battery Widget for what seems like eons. It's installed on every device I own/have owned, and it ends up on every device that I test, too. Why? Because it's simple, customizable, and tells me what I want to know at a glance. Not only that, but I think the circular graph is an excellent way to output the remaining battery percent.


Then, thanks to a tip from the developer of the app, Battery Widget? Reborn! (no, I'm not a big fan of the punctuation in the name of the app, but that's a moot point) fell into my lap and a new love was born.

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