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Android P feature spotlight: Battery Saver no longer turns the navigation and status bars orange

We've got some big news: Battery Saver mode no longer forces you to stare at those giant orange bars on the top and bottom of your screen. These orange bars were first introduced about 3.5 years ago in Android 5.0 Lollipop, likely to let people know that the Battery Saver was on, but Google has decided to remove them for some reason. At least your screen won't hurt your eyes when you're trying to save some battery anymore, right?

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Visual Changes To Battery Notification Dropdown Experience Make Battery Saver Quicker To Access

Checking remaining battery life is a task many of us have to do far more often than we like. In Android N, the experience is a tad different from what you may be accustomed to in Marshmallow.

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Google App v5.5 Beta Points To Upcoming Support For Chrome Custom Tabs, Concert Tickets, And New Status Cards [APK Teardown]

The Google app now has its own beta channel, and the first official version dropped last week. Of course there are a number of bug fixes and probably some fine tuning for performance, but no notable features seemed to turn up between the two releases. However, like most other updates, there are new clues about features we've yet to see. This time around, there is evidence of Chrome's Custom Tab feature coming to search results, a new event card for concert tickets, and a pair of new cards for system status toggles.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are necessarily speculative and usually based on incomplete evidence.
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[Android M Feature Spotlight] You Can Enable And Disable Battery Saver By Voice

Google added a battery saver mode in Android 5.0 that disables various features when you need to conserve juice. You could activate it manually or have it flip on at a certain battery level. Android M adds a third option—voice.

Screenshot_20150603-174123 Screenshot_20150603-174000 Screenshot_20150603-174226 Screenshot_20150603-174135

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Xposed Module Removes The Eye-Searing Orange Theme From Lollipop's Battery Saver Mode

Android 5.0 has a lot of smart features, and battery saver mode is one of them. When your phone reaches a user-defined low battery level, Lollipop will automatically reduce animations, turn off most background data, cut vibration from alerts, and lower the standard brightness on the screen. It's a smarter implementation of the feature than, say, the ultra power saving modes on recent Samsung or HTC phones, which disable all but a few apps.


Aaaah! It burns!

It also makes the phone's UI switch to a bright orange theme when activated, almost like you just enabled Federal Penitentiary Mode. The nav bar, notification bar, and other elements of the standard AOSP interface are so bright that they seem like they're trying to punch you in the eyeballs.

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