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Dave Burke teases surprises for Android 11 and shares the internal dessert name

Android 11 is nearing the finish line — there's only one more beta before it goes stable. That's why we thought we knew everything about the new OS there is to know, but it looks like the Android team might have one or two aces up its sleeve. In the All About Android podcast, Android VP Dave Burke hints that there are a few surprises left that haven't been announced yet. He also unveils that Android 11 does have an internal dessert name, after all. Meet RVC, or Red Velvet Cake.

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Always-on display could come to the 7 Pro, but OnePlus wants to work on other features and fixes first

These days, OnePlus is known for engaging with its customers more than most smartphone manufacturers do, feeling out their interests when it comes to certain features. Just earlier today, the company published a series of responses related to customer feedback for the 7 Pro, covering a range of topics from the "ghost touch" issue to ongoing camera improvements, and even the potential its latest phone might pick up always-on display functionality — one of the most common requests.

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Android Q shows your estimated remaining battery life in the quick settings shade

Android already sends out notifications for estimated remaining battery life when your charge reaches a certain threshold, but Google is incorporating these estimates even further in Android Q. If you have the battery percentage in your status bar toggled on, you'll now see how long your phone thinks your battery will last in the quick settings shade.

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171 shames OEMs that needlessly kill useful background processes to save battery life

The days when third-party battery-saving apps were necessary to hit a satisfactory number of hours off a single charge are long behind the vast majority of Android users, thanks to improvements like Doze and Adaptive Battery. But in some cases, this measure of progress has become something of a Pyrrhic victory, with useful background processes carelessly destroyed and developers taking the brunt of user ire. Well, the Urbandroid team — the gang behind apps Sleep As Android, Twilight, and others — doesn't plan on going quietly into the night. In fact, they're going on the offensive with a new informational website where the most flagrant OEM offenders are shamed and users and developers are educated.

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Weekend poll: Are you happy with your phone's battery life?

People look at a lot of different features when purchasing a phone, and everyone seems to appreciate "good" battery life. You've already told us what scale of numbers qualifiesfor that particular label, but I'm curious to know if your current phone, whatever it may be, delivers when it comes to longevity.

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Weekend poll: What do you consider to be 'good' battery life?

Battery life is a highly subjective thing. For some, getting 3-4 hours of screen-on time is more than adequate, others don't consider anything short of 6 to be enough. Even though I'm probably on my phone more often than most (since it's kinda my job), I'm of the opinion that 4-5 hours is a pretty decent goal for manufacturers. Anything above that, while great to see, I just consider a bonus since I'm probably not going to use it before I plug in at night.

What about you? The topic of 'good' battery life has been a subject of some debate here at Android Police over the last few weeks.

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How Google plans to tackle power consumption even more aggressively in Android

Yesterday at I/O Google had an interesting talk called Background Check and Other Insights into the Android Operating System Framework. It's a long name, but really it's about improving battery life in Android. It went on at great length as to how, exactly, the team plans on doing that, and it's quite worth a watch. We have the video here, but if you don't have the half-hour to check it out, then you are welcome to read below.

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BatON is an app that tries to show the battery level of connected Bluetooth devices, despite Android's limitation in this area

Love or hate them, Bluetooth devices are here to stay for a little while. Whether they be smartwatches, computers, or headsets, we rely on the wireless connection standard for convenience. But one issue that we Android users have is that our favorite mobile operating system does not display the battery levels of connected devices (except for some ROMs like MIUI), unlike its fruity competitor's. Along comes BatON, an app that tries to solve this issue.

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Researchers have developed lithium batteries with twice the capacity of current ones and expect to have them ready for smartphones by 2017

The MIT researchers-turned-entrepreneurs at a company called SolidEnergy have something you've probably heard before but also something you haven't. A battery breakthrough that will drastically increase your future phone's battery life? We've heard that before. New battery tech that is ready for production within a year? That's new.

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Nextbit makes cryptic claim of vastly improved battery life in Q4 software update

The Nextbit Robin is a solid phone, especially with the new lower price and a recent software update that improved the camera. According to a Nextbit announcement post with the charming title "Damn, Nextbit. At it again," a software update in Q4 of this year will make your battery last significantly longer. How? Nextbit isn't saying.

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