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Canadian Galaxy Note7 devices will soon be banned from mobile networks and have both WiFi and Bluetooth disabled

The ongoing recall of Samsung Galaxy Note7 devices is serious business for the Korean company. After canceling the phone following repeated battery fires, Samsung has done everything in its power to make sure owners return or exchange the phones. When asking nicely didn't elicit the desired response, Samsung put a 60% cap on battery charge. Now, it's going to start crippling any remaining devices in Canada.

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US regulators will reportedly ban the Note7 from all airline flights [Update: It's official]

Those brave foolish few who have been determined to keep their Galaxy Note7s after the device was recalled a second time might want to think again. Bloomberg is reporting that the Note7 is heading for a full ban on all US flights. That means it's no longer simply a matter of not using the Note7 on a flight, it's illegal to have one at all.

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