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Fix rolling out for Android battery woes in Ireland caused by Play Services and COVID contact tracing app

Over the weekend, we spotted some reports that Play Services was eating more than its fair share of folks' batteries. I know, there's a continuous low-level static of Play Services-related battery complaints out there, but the volume and severity of reports picked up substantially, and a COVID-19 contact tracing app is allegedly the cause of the problem. Most of those affected appear to be in Ireland, and the Ireland Health Services Executive (HSE) claims a fix is rolling out now, with 70% of Irish Android devices already updated, and full rollout expected in the next few days.

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Google could face yet another class action lawsuit, this time over Pixel 3 issues

Law firm Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP (CSK&D) just made it public that it's beginning to investigate for a potential class action lawsuit against Google. With a consistent outcry from Pixel 3 users concerning battery drain issues, poor photo and video quality, and app crashes all around, CSK&D is now looking into whether these defects are hardware-related ⁠— which would warrant a lawsuit.

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Samsung Pay Framework causing battery drain issues for some

Samsung Pay Framework, as the name implies, is an application bundled on Samsung phones that provides some functionality for Samsung Pay. It's intended to work quietly behind the scenes, but lately, the app has caused major battery drain issues for many users.

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[Update: Not intentional] OnePlus pulls latest Open Beta for all its phones

OnePlus frequently releases 'Open Beta' updates, where users can try the latest changes before they are ready for widespread use. The builds are usually pretty stable, but since they are intended for testing, issues occasionally crop up. It appears the latest Open Betas have a nasty bug, as OnePlus just pulled them from its website.

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[Update: Official response] Google investigating February 2018 OTA battery drain bug on Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Over the past few weeks, many owners of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have reported battery drain problems. The February security update appears to be the likely culprit, but since so many Android components are updated outside of system upgrades, it's impossible to know for sure. Regardless of the cause, it has certainly made plenty of Pixel owners frustrated.

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Android N Dev Preview 2 Oddly Removed The Detailed Battery History Info, But It's Coming Back In Future Previews

If you've flashed Android N's second developer preview and ventured into the battery section of the settings, you may have noticed something odd happening with the History details screen (the one what shows up when you tap the graph) which normally has the expanded battery drain graph with the different components' usage. The latter part is nowhere to be seen in Dev Preview 2.

The graph is still there, but it's stretched across the screen and there's none of the information below it. No cellular signal, no GPS, no Wi-Fi, no device awake, no screen on, and no charging. All of it is poof, gone.

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The New Android Sensor Hub Will Significantly Improve Idle Battery Life While Doing More With Sensor Data

The Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P are packed with a number of cool hardware improvements over previous generations, like a shockingly fast fingerprint reader and a fast-charging USB Type-C connector. During today's presentation, Dave Burke spoke about a brand new piece of hardware dubbed Android Sensor Hub that can significantly extend battery life and allows even more inventive features to these phones. It's a dedicated low-power processor designed to efficiently manage sensor data so the main processor can go to sleep for longer periods of time.

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[Bug Watch] Wireless Charging May Be Responsible For Keeping Your Nexus 4 Awake Indefinitely

Wireless charging is perhaps one of the best examples of true convenience. The simple act of setting your phone down meant its battery would begin refilling. No need to hunt for the end of a cable, no more time spent clumsily aligning plugs, and no more hassle with loose cords. When the Nexus 4 was announced, its stylish charging orb was supposed to spearhead a movement of wireless bliss. While the orb certainly had its advantages, it was a bit late to launch and carried a premium price. Nevertheless, Qi-compatible chargers began to find a home with Nexus 4 owners.

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[New App] My Battery Drain Analyser Tracks Battery Usage By The Hour, Lets You Obsess Over Lost Juice Just A Little Bit More

If we could take a universal count across all platforms asking users what more they want out of their devices, we would probably hear better battery life pretty frequently. As something that many users (myself included) obsess over, we're always looking for ways to get more juice from our devices and find out what processes are keeping us from the illustrious all-day charge. Enter a new app that should somewhat help on the war against bad battery life: My Battery Drain Analyser.

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My Battery Drain Analyzer (or BatteryDrain as it shows in the app tray) keeps an eye on your battery, tracking how much it drops (percentage-wise) hour-over-hour.

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Editorial: The Thinness War Needs To Stop, Or, Why I Shouldn't Have To Carry A Portable Charger For My Phone

When it comes to high tech, downsizing is often looked at as a sign of progress. Microprocessors meant whole computers, for the first time, could fit on a desktop. LCD displays made them portable - in the form of laptops. Moore's law proved that chips that once would have been classified as capable of enterprise-level computing now occupy devices that easily fit in your pocket. And advanced lithium-ion batteries meant you could finally take yourself off the AC teat for an appreciable amount of time, and you could charge your gadgets over and over without worrying about the ridiculous cycling fatigue that plagued earlier rechargeable systems.

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