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ZeroLemon Treats The Nexus 6 And LG G4 To Its Gigantic Battery-Expanding Protective Cases

Android's flagship smartphones tend to have a battery life problem. The standard often isn't how many days they can last, but whether they can make it through a single one. Budget smartphones, with their weaker processors and lower screen resolutions, often last longer—but not everyone is willing to sacrifice performance and picture quality for battery. Those people can instead slap an external charger to the back of their phones and wrap it up with plastic. We call this approach buying a ZeroLemon case.

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[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon Releases Battery Case For The Galaxy S6, And It's Moderately Less Brick-Like This Time Around (Currently 50% Off On Amazon) [Update: $20 With Code]

ZeroLemon makes these pretty nifty portable battery packs that you can recharge (albeit very slowly) using the large solar panel on top. The company also produces some rather ridiculous-looking extended battery cases that, in addition to providing your device with a metric ton of power, turns it into a plastic brick. No, they don't make the thing stop working—they make your phone the size of a brick.

ZeroLemon's new Galaxy S6 case is still pretty thick, large, and throbbing with juice.

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The Mophie 3000mAh Juice Pack Battery-Case For The Galaxy S5 Is Now On Sale For A Hefty $100

It's been said that you can never be too young, too skinny, or too rich. A similar aphorism for smartphones might be, "they can never be too fast, too hi-res, or have too long a battery life." The user in search of longer untethered battery life has a few options including external packs or extended batteries for phones that support them. And today, Galaxy S5 owners get a new option in the form of Mophie's $99.95 Juice Pack.

Recent expatriates from the Nation of iPhone might be more familiar with the Juice Pack design than most Android users, who might prefer removable batteries.

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ZeroLemon Takes On The Nexus 4 With The Gigantic "Juicer" Case: $40 For A Swappable 2250mAh Battery

The trend towards integrated, non-removable batteries has caused much weeping and gnashing of teeth among the Android faithful, and nowhere is it more passionate than from the Nexus crowd. If you've been lamenting the Nexus 4's lack of a removable battery, ZeroLemon (purveyors of ridiculously huge extended batteries for major phones) has something they'd like you to see.


That's an external battery case, a form factor famous for turning svelte, short-lived iPhones into hulking bricks of longevity. The Nexus 4 doesn't fare much better. The ZeroLemon Juicer battery case makes the phone larger in every dimension adding 9 millimeters to its thickness, 12mm to its height, and 4mm to its width.

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