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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of 20 ZeroLemon Galaxy S8+ 6,300mAh battery cases [US only]

Although the Galaxy S8+ has great battery life, with its 3,500mAh of juice packed into a svelte package, sometimes you need that little extra bit of oomph. Whether you're going on a multi-day hike, stuck without power on a long trip, or you're just really into Pokemon GO, ZeroLemon's 6,300mAh battery case for the S8+ is up to the challenge. And right now, you can enter for a chance to win one for free

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[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon's Ultra Power battery case for Pixel down to $27.99 ($13 off), Pixel XL case is $41.99 ($16 off)

Phone batteries keep getting smaller and smaller, but if you need a little more juice in day-to-day usage, an extended battery case is one option. ZeroLemon is known for making great battery cases, and the company's Pixel and Pixel XL cases are at an all-time low on Amazon. The Pixel case is now $27.99, and the Pixel XL case is $41.99 (once you factor in the 30% coupon for each). That's a $13 and $16 reduction in price respectively from the usual cost.

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[Deal Alert] Brexlink Galaxy S8 5000mAh, S8+ 5500mAh battery cases are just $29.99 ($10 off) on Amazon

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have pretty good battery life out of the box, but sometimes, you just need some extra juice. For those occasions, you have two options: a portable battery or a battery case. Portable batteries usually offer more power for your money, but they're also rather cumbersome. These battery cases for the S8 and S8+ are just $29.99 apiece, which erases much of the cost issue, and at 5000mAh+, they're pretty beefy as well.

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[Deal Alert] Get 30% more off ZeroLemon's Pixel and Pixel XL battery cases with coupon code

Although ZeroLemon and Amazon would both like you to think that the brand's battery cases cost $100, they almost never sell for that MSRP. In fact, even on release day, the Pixel XL's case was marked down to $59.99 and the regular Pixel's case was at $54.99. They have mostly held their price over the past few months, but the Pixel's case has recently dipped lower to $44.99. However, we wouldn't be here if we were only just pointing you to the Amazon listing, we have an even better deal to share: an additional 30% off with some coupon codes.

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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of 16 ICONIC Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus battery cases (or skip the wait and use an exclusive 25% off coupon) [US]

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, you're in for a treat: We are giving away 16 battery cases (a $40 value each) from our friends at ICONIC to Android Police readers. And for those who don't want to wait or are just overly pessimistic about their chances, we have an AP-exclusive coupon code to land you a 25% discount.

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[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon starts its Prime Day sale early: battery cases, screen protectors, cables, and more up to 70% off at Amazon w/coupon

It isn't quite Prime Day yet, but that isn't stopping ZeroLemon from starting the party early. The company just tossed up sales for a ton of items, including a smattering of batteries, battery cases, screen protectors, cables, and chargers. Some items are even up to 70% off, though most of the more attractive items are between 20-50%.

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ZeroLemon releases its massive battery cases for the Pixel, Pixel XL, OnePlus 3/3T, and Moto Z

We love the idea of ZeroLemon's battery cases for phones. On paper, they should provide more protection for our beloved devices while also letting us abuse them more and more during the day without worrying about battery level because the phone is constantly sipping on power the entire time. But in reality, some of ZeroLemon's cases haven't been well thought-out (exhibit A). However, it looks that the company has learned a bit from its mistakes and is fixing some of them in its latest releases.

The 4 newest ZeroLemon battery cases to hit Amazon are for the Google Pixel (6500mAh) and Pixel XL (8500mAh), as well as the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T (same case for both, 7500mAh), and the Moto Z (7500mAh).

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ZeroLemon's massive 10,000 mAh battery case for LG V20 is now available for $60

The LG V20 has a 3200 mAh, replaceable battery. For a lot of people, that will get you through the day. But what if you need more? Well, you could buy an extra battery or two and just swap them out as you go along. Or, if you'd prefer to improve your forearm strength while you operate your phone, you can buy ZeroLemon's monstrous battery case for the V20 that more than triples its battery life.

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[Update: Now available] ZeroLemon's 8500mAh battery case for the Nexus 6P will be available later this month for $60

As a design element, the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner has its fans and its detractors. I'm going to bet that ZeroLemon, suppliers of almost ridiculous battery-boosting cases and replacement shells to the rich and poor, aren't fans. A big honking fingerprint sensor hanging out in the otherwise barren plains of a phone's rear housing means a big hole in any cases made for it, and thus less space to shove every possible spare milliamp into a battery case. So it is with ZeroLemon's latest addition to its power collection, a battery-case combo for the flagship Nexus 6P.

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ZeroLemon's latest gigantic battery-case is for the vanilla Galaxy S7: 7500mAh of extra juice for $60

ZeroLemon gets a lot of crap for making gigantic, bulky, and somewhat less than attractive cases and extensions that dramatically boost battery life. But you have to admit, they've found their niche and perfected it - the company wouldn't be releasing new models for most major flagship phones if there weren't a lot of people buying them. And so sometime after the fancier and larger Galaxy S7 Edge got the ZeroLemon treatment, now the standard model has a giant bulky plastic battery case all its own.

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