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Aukey 10,000mAh USB-C battery on sale for $17 ($6 off) with coupon code

It used to be hard to find a reasonably priced USB Type-C battery pack, but it's getting downright cheap these days. The Aukey PB-XN10 power bank is usually a good value at $23, but it's even cheaper today with a coupon code. It can be yours for a mere $17.01 if you act fast.

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The best portable batteries and chargers you can buy right now (Winter 2018)

With phones, laptops, and audio devices all beginning to switch to USB Type-C, there's never been a better time to pick up batteries and chargers. However, there are an awful lot out there, and it can get difficult to choose between them. We've rounded up our favorites, along with some other accessories that we think you might like, into this list for your perusal.

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Anker power accessories, including Type-C cables, batteries, and Qi fast chargers, are up to half off at Amazon

Every year as we gear up for Black Friday sales, a few companies like to get a head start and clear out your wallet early. Anker just dropped prices for eleven different products over on Amazon as "deal of the day" promotions, including a handful of AC adapters, cables, a couple of batteries, and two "fast" Qi chargers.

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Mophie launches 22,000mAh Powerstation AC battery with 30W USB-PD and 100W AC output

It can be a challenge to find a good portable battery that has the ports you need, sufficient capacity, and the right fast-charging standard. Mophie's latest battery should have all your bases covered with up to 100W of power over an AC outlet, but it'll cost you. The new 22,000mAh Powerstation AC is now live for a whopping $199.95.

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[Deal Alert] Buy the Nokia 6 for $199.99 ($30 off) with coupon code, plus get a free 5,800mAh battery pack

The Nokia 6 is a pretty solid deal under normal circumstances, but today it can be better still. This phone usually retails for $230 unlocked, but Daily Steals has this phone for $30 less with our coupon code. In addition, you get an external battery for more juice on the go.

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[Update: Now $52] Deal alert: RAVPower 26800mAh Type-C battery with USB-PD up to 30W is $55.99 ($24 off)

USB Type-C is great, but not all Type-C batteries are created equal. There are a lot of different charging standards right now, so one battery might fast charge a phone with Qualcomm Quick Charge, but it won't fast charge a Pixel or work to power a Type-C laptop. The giant RAVpower 26,800mAh battery pack will, and it's on sale for $55.99, down from $79.99.

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New Samsung battery tech could lead to 45% increased capacity and 5x faster charging

If there's one major technological limitation that's slowing progress in a number of areas, including smartphones, it's probably batteries. More efficient power delivery in smaller cells would no doubt lead to some interesting advancements, and there are plenty of academics and companies around the world working towards better battery tech. You hear about potential new breakthroughs all the time (taking most with a pinch of salt), but Samsung believes it may have come up with a promising new battery material.

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Here are all of Tronsmart's best deals on power banks and Bluetooth speakers for Black Friday in the US, UK, Canada, and Europe [Sponsored Post]

The season of deals is upon us. Whether your beating down the doors of your local retailer as the salesmen huddle in fear, or you've pinned a couple hundred tabs for relentless refreshing, you're probably ready. And we know you know a deal when you see it, so here's a list of all the best Tronsmart products that are currently on sale. From power banks to headphones, and chargers to speakers, there are some pretty big discounts to take advantage of. 

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[Deal Alert] RAVPower 20,100mAh USB-C battery on sale for $39.99 with bonus offers

Sometimes the battery in your phone just isn't enough, but you can't swap batteries on most devices anymore. That's when you need an external power bank, and RAVPower makes some good ones. One of its latest models (20,100mAh, Type-C) is on sale for an all-time low price today, and there are some added bonuses to entice you to buy.

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Razer's new (expensive) power bank charges all the things, even your USB-C laptop

Razer, are you okay? You need help? I only ask because this new power bank doesn't have any unnecessary glowing LED accents, which is sort of your thing. This unusually understated battery has a capacity of 12,800mAh, which is on the large side. The real selling point here is that Razer's power bank can fast charge any phone, or even a laptop with USB Type-C.

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