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BatON is an app that tries to show the battery level of connected Bluetooth devices, despite Android's limitation in this area

Love or hate them, Bluetooth devices are here to stay for a little while. Whether they be smartwatches, computers, or headsets, we rely on the wireless connection standard for convenience. But one issue that we Android users have is that our favorite mobile operating system does not display the battery levels of connected devices (except for some ROMs like MIUI), unlike its fruity competitor's. Along comes BatON, an app that tries to solve this issue.

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Startup Nextbit Plans To Launch A Smartphone, Will Offer Details In The Coming Weeks

Nextbit hasn't been in the news much since its public debut last year, but that's mostly because its services are geared toward OEMs. The last we heard from Nextbit, its Baton multi-device app sync service was entering the testing phase on CyanogenMod. That was last year, but now the company is taking on a new challenge—hardware. Nextbit plans to launch a phone.

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