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Get your Waze navigation courtesy of Kevin Conroy's Batman for a limited time

As part of a planned Batman Day celebration (is that a thing? I don't think that's a thing), DC Comics has announced that Waze is getting both Batman and Riddler themes through October 31st, replacing your car with more appropriate iconography, and letting you hear directions voiced by either Batman (Kevin Conroy) or The Riddler (Wally Wingert). An accompanying DC Comics Roadtrip playlist is also available through Spotify.

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Android Pay joins up with Justice League to offer collectible bugdroid doodles

If you use Android Pay regularly, you'll probably be aware of the little bugdroid characters that will sometimes appear when you pay for stuff. The cute little animations have previously included the Android mascot in space, as well as specially themed bugdroids for things like Halloween and the Wimbledon tennis championship.

Android Pay has now joined forces with the new Justice League movie to show superhero bugdroids. Between now and December 31st, you'll be able to collect five different characters from the film: Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman.

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Telltale Games has released the first and second episode of 'Batman: The Enemy Within'

Batman: The Enemy Within is the latest Telltale Games title to garner a release on the Play Store. It's the direct sequel and the second chapter to Batman - The Telltale Series, and just like the rest of Telltale's games, it's a story-driven episodic adventure. Luckily for us there is no cost to download the first episode in this release, unlike the majority of Telltale's games that often launch with a premium price point attached to the initial download.

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[Deal Alert] Telltale Games is having a massive end of summer sale

The developer behind the mobile franchises like Batman and Game of Thrones, as well as the popular Minecraft: Story Mode, has just announced a huge sale to help with those back-to-school blues. Telltale has produced some great mobile gaming experiences, and aside from those already mentioned, the sale also includes games like The Wolf Among Us, Guardians of the Galaxy, and several from the Walking Dead series.

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The limited OnePlus 3T Midnight Black edition sports a matte black aluminum body, shipping March 24th

Do you enjoy the simplicity and capability of the latest OnePlus flagship phone, but wish it were quite a bit more black, like that $10,000 performance upgrade to an economy sedan? Well your highly specific dreams have now come true, weird person. OnePlus announced the Midnight Black edition of the 3T today, sporting a swanky matte black coating on its aluminum body. The special edition uses the higher-end version of the phone's specs with 128GB of storage, but has the same $479 / EUR479 / GBP439 price as the current upgraded model.

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Batman: Arkham Underworld lets players deliver an overdue beating to the Dark Knight

The funny thing about comic book stories is that the usual roles of protagonists and antagonists are reversed: the villains are the ones who are proactive, trying to achieve something new (even if it is something awful), while the heroes are only concerned with stopping them. That's why people love a good villain - aside from being generally more fun to watch than the goody-two-shoes superheroes, they're also the ones who drive the story forward. It's also why games like Dungeon Keeper and Infamous are so popular: it's just more fun to be the bad guy.

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'BATMAN - The Telltale Series' available on Android, only first episode for now

The story of the Dark Knight has been told many times in many different formats. Telltale Games, well-known for their story-driven titles, released the first episode of their Batman series back in August for various gaming platforms. The first episode, Realm of Shadows, is now available on the Play Store for select devices.

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Samsung Announces Batman-Themed Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition To Commemorate Third Anniversary Of Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile Game

Have you been trying to decide which phone to buy, but none of them are Batman enough? Then Samsung has just the product for you. In partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive, Samsung has announced the Galaxy S7 edge Injustice Edition.

Fans might be wondering what this is all about. Well, you see, we've come upon the three-year anniversary of the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, which (for you non-fans) is a Batman mobile game. In other words, Samsung wants to promote the gaming experience on the S7 edge as well as convert a few more people into customers while Warner Bros.

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You Can Check Out The Amazingly Detailed New Batcave In Street View And In 3D With Cardboard

You might have heard about that new Batman vs. Superman movie over the weekend. The word is that it's not very good, but the new Batcave designed for the film is really impressive. You can now explore Batman's lair in Google Maps Street View, and in 3D with Google Cardboard.

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LEGO Goes Back To Its Action-Adventure Stomping Grounds With Batman: DC Super Heroes

Later this month, DC will release its next gigantic tentpole movie into theaters, in which Super-Cavill and Batfleck will (presumably) grimace at each other for 150 minutes while Wonder Woman begs them for some screen time. If you prefer your superheroes to have a little fun and self-awareness (and you can't wait for the next Marvel movie to come out), LEGO just released another Batman game in the Play Store. Batman: DC Super Heroes can be yours for $5.

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