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Kohler wants you to talk to your toilet and mirror which is not at all weird

Kohler, a maker of kitchen and bath products, seems to believe that you should never have to touch their products if at all possible. They're coming to CES with a new voice and motion-control platform so that you can get Alexa in your bathroom mirror, operate your kitchen faucet with gestures, and talk to your toilet. Not kidding!

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[Mirror, Mirror On The Wall] Google Engineer Builds Android-Powered Bathroom Mirror

With each passing year, the futuristic contraptions of science fiction movies edge closer and closer into the realm of reality. Case in point: Braun has just made a smartmirror that runs Android. No, not that Braun — this Braun. An engineer at Google, Max Braun is someone who enjoys using his spare time in more productive ways than simply watching TV on the couch. Instead, he has been building his own smart bathroom mirror — and it looks amazing.

The mirror displays information such as the time, weather forecast, and latest news headlines in a clean, minimalist UI. It's still a work in progress, and Braun is still experimenting with adding other things like traffic conditions and reminders.

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Android Bluetooth Exploit For Japanese Toilet Brings New Meaning To The Word "Vulnerability"

Imagine, if you will, that you've just checked in to a hotel in Tokyo for an extended vacation. Weary from the long train and cab rides from the airport, you make use of the bathroom, noting the famously futuristic facilities adorning the electronic toilet. As you take care of business, you hear a laughing, sniggering sound from the other side of the wall - clearly someone in the next room is having a good time. All of a sudden, you are having a very bad time indeed, as a jet of water unexpectedly invades your nether regions. A peal of laughter erupts from the other room, just as the eruption in the toilet ceases.

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Looks About Right: St. Patrick's Day Through Google Glass [Video]

You don't really need my commentary for this one. Just kick back for 2 minutes, watch, and see if this humorous take on Google Glass by stuntbear cracks a smile on your face. These will never get old.

Warning: As you've already probably guessed, some interesting language some might call French indeed found its way into the video. Consider using your headphones if watching at work.

Source: Youtube

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Professionals Use Smartphones Even When They're At Home, Taking The Browns To The Super Bowl

Samsung just sent us one hell of a goofy press release... on a scale of 1-10, this thing rates a 'K'. At first I was reluctant to run with it for fear of being that creepy, awkward blog (hell, some of you got upset over the Android vs. iPhone sex partners thing, when that was obviously in good fun - but I digress). So, without a creeper 'stache in sight around the AP offices, here goes.

Samsung surveyed a number of "working Americans" and found that a whole slew of them (72%) don't hesitate to use their phone while using the toilet.

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