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Talking out of your bass: Madman mods Big Mouth Billy Bass to speak using Alexa API (video)

When I was but a sarcastic teenager full of promise snide commentary (no, I really haven't grown up), I would spend a week or two at my grandmother's house every summer when school was out. One thing that 13-year-old-me found endlessly fascinating yet profoundly annoying was her Big Mouth Billy Bass, which I can only assume was purchased via QVC. Her Big Mouth Billy Bass never went on to be more than a wall fixture, though, unlike one Brian Kane's, who has suffered a fate that is both awesome and slightly terrifying.

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[Update: Price now $99] Deal Alert: Grab a set of refurbished Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones (MDRXB950BT) for just $75 (normally $200)

I own quite a few different sets of over-ear headphones that I use for different purposes. My Bose headphones I wear when working at the computer because they are so light and comfortable that they never cause fatigue. When I travel, I bring a set of Sony wireless noise cancelling headphones to drown out the sound of the jet engines and crying children (which are usually my own). During my lunch break at work I rock my V-Moda Crossfades, because they sound awesome and look intimidating, so no one bothers me while I listen to Audible.

I also own a pair of Sony Extra Bass headphones (MDRXB950BT) and those I wear when I am craving some sick bass notes.

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[Not In The US] Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords Is Down To GBP 0.10 In The UK, Europe, And Other Countries

When I was a kid, my parents desperately wanted me to learn how to play the piano and electronic keyboard. I took classes for 7 years and got really good at it, until I realized that I loved listening to music but not playing it. I just didn't have the ear for it and I couldn't tell a re from a fa if my life depended on it. I do envy those who can play instruments though, mostly the guitar. It just feels cool.

It's never too late for me, though, and neither is it for you. If we put our mind to it, I'm sure we can be good guitar players.

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[Deal Alert] Sony's Excellent Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset (MDRXB950BT) On Sale For $98 On Amazon

I have a bit of a tech addiction, and as such I have a lot of different gadgets floating around my house. Some of the purchases I have made, I will readily admit, were mistakes, and sit around gathering dust unused. There are, however, a few items I've bought that I use so often that when I leave the house without them I feel somewhat exposed. Like that feeling you get when you realize that you forgot your wallet or phone at home.

My Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset falls into that category for me. I listen to them on my way to work, on my breaks, and on my way home, as well as around the house while I work on projects.

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