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MyNBA2K17 brings basketball battle cards back for another season, plus face scanning

Every year console sports fans get a new NBA-branded basketball game from mega-publisher 2K. And for the last several years running, Android has been blessed with an official companion app. Sort of. See, MyNBA2K isn't just a companion app that tells you when your buddies are ready to play, et cetera. It's also a free-to-play mobile game that, oddly, depicts computer-controlled battles between digital playing cards. Oh, and there's a big currency system behind it all, driving $100 in-app purchases. Of course.

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ESPN's Fantasy Football app is now 'Fantasy Sports,' includes baseball, basketball, and hockey

Pretty much every media company that has so much as a pinky toe dipped into the sports pool wants a bit of that lucrative fantasy market, and since ESPN is (allegedly) nothing but sports, you can bet they're making a go of it. Previously the Disney subsidiary published dedicated fantasy apps for both football (that's the American kind with the big dudes in armor, not the other kind with the little dudes in shorts) and baseball, but now they're consolidated into a single app, and basketball and hockey can come along for the ride.

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NBA Live Android game dunks into the Play Store

Last year EA released a companion app for the NBA Live console game that let you stick your face on a basketball player. This year, forget the gimmicks. You get a full blown NBA Live experience to play on your touchscreen.

NBA Live for Android has been undergoing geo-limited testing for quite the while now, with millions of people having already downloaded the title. Now it's openly available on Google Play.

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Waze Adds A Shaquille O'Neal Navigation Voice Option To Celebrate The NBA Playoffs

In the Venn diagram of mobile users, the circle marked "rabid Shaq fans" and the one marked "active Waze users" must have a pretty tiny crossover section. But if you do happen to use Waze on a regular basis and you have the special extended DVD edition of both Kazaam and Steel boldly displayed on your shelf, today is your day. Waze has announced that the company is celebrating the start of the NBA Playoffs later this week by adding official Shaquille O'Neal voice narration to the map app's navigation service.

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Facebook Messenger Adds A Mini Basketball Hoops Game

Ever spent some time talking to your friends on Facebook Messenger about basketball and looked at that nice orange emoji and wished you could just swipe it across the screen and into the hoop? Ever yearned for a little bit of friendly competition between you and your friends inside a chat to pass those boring classes or long waits? Facebook Messenger has just the answer for your woes.

Inside the latest Messenger update is a new mini game of basketball. You can trigger it by sending the basketball emoji and then tapping it to launch into the game. It's as simple as mini games go: swipe the ball across the screen to try to get it into the hoop.

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NBA GameTime App Completely Redesigned For The 2015-2016 Season, Finally Gets Chromecast Support

For basketball fans, tonight marks the start of the most exciting time of year: the beginning of the 2015-2016 season. Just like the start of every season, there are new players to look forward to seeing, old players on new teams, new coaches, new player dynamics, and so much more. I know I'm stoked — can't wait to see what my Bulls do this year under new leadership.

But I digress, this isn't about the Bulls. This is about the league as a whole, because the NBA just updated the GameTime app for the 15-16 season, and it's completely different. One may even argue that it actually makes sense now.

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NBA 2K16 Is Now Available In The Play Store For Eight Bucks, With In-App Purchases And Weird Compatibility

As a die-hard and stubborn football fan, I know nothing about basketball except that you have to bounce the round thing on the floor at regular intervals. But I do know quite a bit about Android gaming, like the fact that a $7.99 game that includes up to twenty bucks in in-app currency purchases will be dismissed out of hand by both frugal free-to-play gamers and traditionalists who prefer to pay once for the full experience. So prolific publisher 2K Games is getting the worst of both worlds with the pricing structure of NBA 2K16.

The latest yearly roster update of the NBA game that doesn't come from EA includes a full version of the MyCareer mode from the console games, which was apparently lacking in previous releases.

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2K Games Packs More Cards And Gameplay Enhancements Into This Year's MyNBA2K16 Companion App

I am many years removed from middle and high school, but in the adult world at least, it seems now is a much safer time to be a card collecting geek. But undoubtedly there are still guys who are too intimidated to spend their time playing Netrunner or Yu-Gi-Oh. Instead, they cloak their collector's impulse and stat obsession in a thin layer of NBA fandom. They get their card-battling fix from the MyNBA2K companion app 2K Games releases every twelve months.

MyNBA2K16 has gone live in the Play Store, and this year's addition brings new cards to collect, more ways to customize them, specialty bonuses, and other tweaks that enhance the core mechanic.

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EA Releases A Companion App For NBA Live That Lets You Stick Your Face On A Pro Basketball Player

Are you ready to play Electronic Arts' latest $60 roster update? Well hold your horses, because NBA Live 16 doesn't come out for another couple of weeks. But if you're just desperate to try it out in a sort of roundabout way, you can download the official companion app on the Play Store. Well, I say "companion app," but it doesn't have any of the management or social features you might expect from similar game-augmenting apps. Nope, the only thing it does is stick your face in the game.

In and of itself, the "GameFaceHD" feature is actually pretty cool. Not original or unique (the Game Boy Camera was doing this almost 20 years ago), but cool.

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Pac-12 Now, MTV, And Qello Concerts Apps Add Chromecast Compatibility

Before you complain in the comments about the fact that all of these apps added Chromecast compatibility weeks ago... well, I suppose there's no power in the 'verse that can stop you. We reported that the TED Talks app got Chromecast powers back in November, but apparently Google's Chrome blog just spotted that today, and the Pac-12 app got it back in February. Qello Concerts? It was enabled on March 18th. In fact the only truly newly-equipped app in Google's post is MTV.

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Even so, it's notable. The Pac-12 Now app offers live coverage of all kinds of sports from its popular member schools, including the NCAA March Madness tournament currently in its semi-final round.

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