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Basecamp's radical new email app Hey is now available to try

We all know email sucks, but there's no easy answer as to how to fix it. Inbox by Gmail was promising, only to be cut down in its prime by the evil overlords at Google who just can't let us have nice things. Other clients like Spark can paper over some of the cracks, but to really solve the many problems you have to start from scratch. That's what the makers of popular project management tool Basecamp have done with Hey.

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[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of February 2014

It's been a busy month in the Android app world, particularly if you want useful tools or visual tweaks. There's one big app that we're not featuring in this roundup: the Google Now Launcher, AKA the Google Experience Launcher. We're omitting it from the main list because it's only compatible with Nexus and GPE devices - even the few standard Android devices that have been upgraded to KitKat can't play with it unmodified.



If you want a truly secure device, you need either a PIN code or a password. If even that isn't enough, then you need to check out TimePIN, a way of constantly changing your PIN code based on your phone's clock time.

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[New App] Project Management Tool Basecamp Comes To Android With An Official App

Sometimes you need help getting things done, and Basecamp is particularly adept at that. Basecamp is the most popular project management tool on the web (we even use it here at Android Police), but now there's an official Android app with to-dos, discussions, and more. There is much celebration on the team right now.

Basecamp has a mobile web interface, but this app is (thankfully) more than just a web wrapper. This is a native Android app with an action bar, tabs, and a navigation panel. The Basecamp app can access all your projects and includes up to the minute timelines of activity on each one.

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