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Google Wallet Users Are Seeing A Banner For Android Pay Inside The App

Have you opened Google Wallet lately? Yeah, neither have I. But those users who have are seeing a not-so-subtle hint from Google that the service's successor, Android Pay, is almost here. Open the latest version of Wallet and you'll see a banner for Android Pay, which appears to be a server-side push (since there's no corresponding update to the APK). The link goes to a web-based FAQ about Android Pay, mostly outlining the transition from Wallet.

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The Winner Of The Creative Banner Design Contest And The Owner Of A Brand New Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Is...

As you guys should already know, from time to time we mix things up a bit and run creative giveaways that give the most talented of our readers a real chance to win something big. Remember the 404 page design (also see this), which happens to be my favorite contest so far?

The banner design contest was created to run in a similar vein, and now that we've finally had enough time to sort through all the submission (there were over 150 links to look through), we decided to award the prize, a brand new Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Tegra 2 tablet, generously provided by NVIDIA, to...

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Creative Contest: Design Our New Banner, Win A 32GB Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Honeycomb Tablet

Out of all the giveaway/contests we do here at AP, my favorites always end up being the creative kinds because they always leave us with long-lasting memories and give a chance to truly talented people who put in work into their entries. Such were the photo, the Twitter design, t-shirt design, and most recently the 404 page design giveaways (the last one being my favorite).

The Contest

It's now time to launch another creative giveaway because 1) everyone likes free stuff and 2) we need banners.

Good banners. Creative banners. Banners we won't be embarrassed to give our partners and fans to put on their sites.

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