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Zelle, a new mobile payments network, announces integration with 34 banks

Another day, another Venmo competitor. This time we might actually have something worth looking at, though. Zelle — a payment network developed by Early Warning and built on top of ClearXchange — has been announced with integrated support for many different banks and their respective applications, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, US Bank, CitiBank, and Chase (among a huge list of others). These days everyone seems to think they can edge out Venmo, but with bank integration, Zelle might actually be able to do it.

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[Update: 5 more] Another 13 banks add Android Pay support

Hot on the heels of Simple adding support for Android Pay, we have another list of (smaller) banks that have stepped up to our preferred mobile payment platform. With the 35 and 9 added in February, the 51 in March, and at least 46 in January this is shaping up to be a big year for Android Pay.

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Wells Fargo app updated with fingerprint login support

Google added support for fingerprint readers back in Android 6.0. It has taken developers a while to get on board with that feature, and some are still playing catch up. Enter: Wells Fargo. The Android app has been updated with fingerprint support. Better late than never, I guess.

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Google welcomes 51 new smaller banks to the Android Pay fold

Here we are again with some more banks/credit unions added to Android Pay's list of friendlies. We've hit the point where most of the major banks and cards are supported, and now there's a huge list of 51 new institutions that can take advantage of contactless payments.

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Android Pay gets support for 40 new banks including BMO Harris

Every time it seems like Android Pay must now, finally support all the banks, there are more of them. Google has just confirmed support for 40 more banks in its payment service. That's in addition to the 46 that were added just a few weeks ago. Let me just save you the trouble of scanning the list and being disappointed—Simple Bank is not among them.

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[Update: Fifth Third Bank] 46 new banks get Android Pay support including Scottrade and Bremer

Just a year ago it was rare to have support for Android Pay at your bank, but things are much better now. It's getting to the point that even small banks have support for Android Pay. Case in point: 45 new banks have been added to the supported list for Android Pay, and you probably haven't heard of most of them.

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Android Pay supports 31 new banks and credit unions

One of the disadvantages of Android Pay is that banks, credit unions, and credit card companies have to support it (as opposed to Google Wallet NFC payments). Thankfully, support has greatly expanded in the past few months, with Chase being the last major holdout in the United States.

Now Android Pay has started working with 31 additional banks and credit unions. Here is the full list:

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Android Pay comes to New Zealand

Android Pay supplanted Google Wallet as the contactless payment platform for Android a little over a year ago, but that was just the US release. It has since come to the UK, Poland, Australia, and more. Starting today, you can add New Zealand to the list. However, there's only one supported card right now.

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Android Pay expands to 30 more banks in the US

Android Pay now supports a ton of banks and credit unions, but most of them are small, local ones. That's not changing with these latest additions; I don't recognize a single name here. Hopefully, those of you who use smaller banks will have better luck.

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Google is finally kicking out unsupported cards from Android Pay in mid-October, causing people to freak out

Last year around this time, Google announced that unsupported cards already in Google Wallet accounts would be able to be used with Android Pay, but only for a limited time. Problem was, we didn't exactly know how long Google's "limited time" would be. Thanks to a ton of emails that were sent out to Android Pay users with unsupported cards today, we now have an actual date: October 14th, 2016.

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