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UK getting Samsung Pay Card, an aggregated credit card, later this year


Chase is rolling out support for Pixel 4 face unlock more widely

More and more apps support Android 10's biometrics API, which means that they work with the Pixel 4's face unlock mechanism for authentication, saving you from typing in your password or PIN over and over again. One of the Big Four banks in the US is now getting ready to jump on the bandwagon for its app: Chase. After an initially extremely slow rollout, it seems that the feature is now in the hands of many more people.

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Wells Fargo now supports face unlock on Pixel 4 devices

When the Pixel 4 was launched last year, many people praised its fast face unlock system. It didn't do much good, though, unless it worked with the apps you used, and that wasn't likely at launch. Google introduced a new version of the Biometric API for Android 10 that worked with authentication methods such as fingerprints and faces, but it meant that developers had to add this updated API into their apps first. It took a while, but many bigger banking institutions are starting to support it, and now you can add Wells Fargo to that list.

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Samsung shares more information on its debit card, launching in the US this summer

Following in Apple's footsteps, Samsung recently announced that it wants to introduce its own debit card. Today, the company has finally shared more information on that enterprise, calling it Samsung Money by SoFi as it's backed by said institution (which notably isn't a bank, as it states itself). The account-fee-free service is slated to launch "later this summer" in the US and will offer higher-than-average interest rates and rewards for saving money.

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TD Ameritrade becomes latest finance app to add face unlock

Fingerprint sensors were the norm for a long time, but face unlock reentered the scene as the smartphone biometric authentication method a couple years back. Secure apps have been relatively slow to adopt face unlock, but TD Ameritrade has just become the latest finance-related app to support it.

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Google Pay expands to 68 new banks internationally (Update: 18 more, including TransferWise)

Google Pay already supports a plethora of credit cards from a multitude of banks all over the world, but there are still many institutions left that don't work with Google's payment system. It's great to see that the number of compatible banks is rising internationally, and today, we can report a whopping 62 newly added banks — though about half of these are savings banks located in Denmark.

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UK bank falls victim to SS7 attacks, allowing cybercriminals to drain accounts and reminding us why SMS two-factor authentication sucks

By now everyone should know that two-factor authentication via SMS is outdated and insecure. But in case anyone needs a reminder, here it is: Metro Bank in the UK was recently the victim of something called SS7 attacks, which basically allow anyone with access to reroute text messages and calls as they please, as well as track the location of a compromised phone. This is far from the first time this has happened, and it seems European banks are more at risk than US banks.

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Chase app update adds adaptive icon, app shortcuts, a revised UI, and more

If you've got a Chase account, you may have noticed quite a few changes to the Android app within the past few days. Those include an adaptive icon, app shortcuts, and an updated interface with a lot more functionality.

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Google Pay adds 111 more US financial institutions

How many First National Banks could there be? Turns out it's a lot. Google Pay has recently picked up five more First Nationals (and one 1st National), plus 105 more institutions across the United States.

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