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B&O refreshes Beoplay H9 headphones with Google Assistant and improved battery

Famed manufacturer of stylish and very expensive audio gear Bang & Olufsen is now selling an improved version of its super-luxe H9i noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones. The new H9 (no i) are strikingly similar to their predecessor, but now sport a dedicated voice assistant button and longer playback time.

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Bang & Olufsen announces very expensive Assistant-powered speakers that don't even look like speakers

Not long ago, the only Assistant-powered speakers you could get were Google's own. The selection has since expanded with the likes of Sony, Harman, LG, and Anker. Now, Bang & Olufsen has announced some Assistant speakers. The cheaper of the two costs $1,750, which is more than four times the cost of a Google Home Max. On the plus side, they don't look like speakers.

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B&O introduces the compact Beoplay M3 speaker with Chromecast and Airplay, at $299

Bang and Olufsen (B&O) makes some high-end audio products. Some would say overpriced, some would argue that the design, materials, and audio quality justify the premium price tag. B&O's latest venture into streaming speakers is reminiscent of Sonos, but the company is being more open about its connectivity standards. As an example, the newly announced Beoplay M3 speaker supports Chromecast (thus Google Assistant/Home), Airplay, Bluetooth, and Beolink Multiroom, so you can choose whichever protocol works best for you.

The M3 is the most compact speaker in B&O Play's Connected Audio line-up. It follows the design language of the M5 by featuring premium aluminum and fabric with exchangeable front covers.

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Bang and Olufsen's new headphones, the Beoplay H9, are up for pre-order at Amazon

The over-ear headphone market is a competitive place, with Bang and Olufsen (B&O), Bose, Plantronics, and Sony all vying to make the best cans money can buy. B&O's latest set, the Beoplay H9, are up for pre-order at Amazon with a shipping date of December 8.

The Amazon listing says the H9 are lightweight (although I wonder if that means they're lighter than the Bose's QC35, which are ridiculously light, as Rita said in her review) and, interestingly, has an intuitive aluminum touch panel, located on the right earcup. This allows changing music, volume, turning noise cancelling on or off, and answering or declining calls.

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LG G5 Friends review, take 2: 360 Cam! 360 Cam! 360 Cam! Oh... other modules too

When I published my review of the LG G5, my personal take on the device itself was positive and divergent from David's more criticizing review. However, there is one aspect both David and I agree on almost to the letter: the Friends. They are, in my opinion, fun to try, but you can tell they were rushed, with a poorly executed mechanism, and some highly doubtful usefulness factor. Well, all but the 360 Cam. That one is pure awesome bundled in magic and wrapped in 360 degrees of cool.

Here's how some of the modules work. The G5's bottom chin can be removed with a small button/latch on the side of the device.

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LG Announces Audio Collaboration With Bang & Olufsen For The G5's Audio Experience

LG is still cheekily announcing bits and pieces of its G5 flagship before the phone itself. After hinting at the always-on display and unveiling a fancy touch cover for the phone, it's now ramping up expectations about the audio performance of the G5 by announcing a collaboration with B&O PLAY, a sub-division of Bang & Olufsen, the well respected Danish audio and video company.

LG doesn't reveal much about the fruits of its collaboration, just that it will keep "LG as the undisputed leader in smartphone audio." Another vague blurb from the press release is this:

The two companies have been working closely together on the new LG G5 to ensure the best sound experience to the customers.

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