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Minecraft 1.8 adds pandas, bamboo, and crossbows

A new update was recently pushed out for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft. It brings everyone's favorite black and white bear the panda, along with bamboo that's useful for creating scaffolding. Crossbows have also been added, which seems like an outlier compared to the pandas and bamboo. But hey, if you've ever felt the urge to shoot a panda with a crossbow, now's your chance thanks to the Minecraft 1.8 update.

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dbrand Is Launching Bamboo Skins For Everything Today, Plus 30% Off Store-Wide

Last June, dbrand released bamboo device skins, but they sold out in less than two days. Since then, the company has been getting everything in place to bring back bamboo without the supply issues. Bamboo is back starting today, and that's not all. To celebrate, dbrand is discounting everything by 30% for the next 48 hours.

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[Deal Alert] GSM Unlocked Moto X 2014 Available For $200 On Amazon Today Only - Plastic, Leather, And Bamboo Versions On Sale

The Moto X series has been known for being a good deal when compared to other flagship phones. If you're OK with buying last year's model (which is still more than serviceable, and is scheduled to get a Marshmallow update at some point), Amazon is selling it for just $199.99 today. This is the American GSM version, so it should work on AT&T, T-Mobile, and similar MVNOs. It's a new phone featuring the stock 16GB of storage. The price is only valid for the next 16 hours (ending at 5 AM Eastern US time), so get an order in quickly if you want one.

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Bamboo Skins Are Now Available From dbrand, Along With A Site-Wide 25% Off Sale For The Next 24 Hours [Sponsored Post]

In recent years, there's been a interesting marriage between technology and nature - at least where aesthetics are concerned. The popularity of wood being used in device design has skyrocketed with modern handsets, and bamboo has been the most sought-after of the bunch. The unfortunate part is that not every manufacturer has embraced this new design element, and the ones that have are jacking the price up for the use of natural materials.

But now, thanks to dbrand, there's a way to figuratively have your cake and eat it too - with the company's new bamboo skins for essentially all popular devices, you can give your handset the look and feel of bamboo right now.

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[Weekend Poll] What Do You Think Of The New Wood Back Options For The Moto X?

This week's poll is utterly, totally subjective in nature. Our question? What are your feelings about wood? Specifically, the wood that will soon be available for order on the back of your customized Moto X.



Motorola has introduced three options - ebony, teak, and walnut, alongside the existing bamboo, bringing the total number of plant-based backplate options up to four. Real wood comes at a cost of just $25 over the standard X, which seems downright reasonable, if I do say so myself.

bamboo ebony teak

Left to right: bamboo, ebony, teak.

Personally, I'm definitely a walnut sort of guy. I think with the black banding and orange highlights, this phone looks like it needs to get back to the 1970s stat, and I mean that in the best possible way.

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First Wood Back (Bamboo) For The Moto X Is Live On MotoMaker For An Extra $100, Shipping Currently Delayed

Gah, what a long, long, lonnng road it has been. From the rumors of "touch sensitive wood" to the actual Moto X launch, MotoMaker, and everything in between, a lot has happened with Motorola this year. And since the X's availability, many users have been chomping at the bit for some of that au naturel action on their phone. I'm referring, of course, to the wooden backs that have long been teased. Well, they're finally here. Err, one is, at least.


The bamboo back is the first to make its appearance on MotoMaker, though it's not available just yet – it's sporting a "delayed shipping" tag; according to the Moto blog, it won't ship till January.

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It Looks Like Motorola Will Be Charging $50 For Real Wood Backs On The Moto X

The Moto X has been making headlines as of late for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the astoundingly versatile Motomaker. Motomaker lets you to customize your phone to a degree that we've never seen before, allowing for a staggering total of 504 unique color combinations. Don't gasp in amazement at that number just yet, though. It looks like Motorola is preparing Motomaker to include the wooden backs we saw last month at the phone's unveiling. A quick peek at the code of the Motomaker webpage reveals that, though hidden to the common viewer (perhaps part of the checkout process), wooden Moto X backs are waiting patiently to make their debut and, further, that they will cost an additional $50.

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