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Google explains why your Opinion Rewards credits disappeared, will add expiration date notice (Updated)

Last week, Google went on a cleanup spree and deducted large chunks of Play Store credits that people had raked over time in Opinion Rewards. Our tips mailbox quickly filled up with reports of balances unexpectedly shrinking by tens of dollars, while Google stayed mum on what appeared to be a widespread concern. The company just broke its silence on this issue with a short explanation appearing for many within the Rewards app.

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Google Pay v1.55 prepares automatic reload for prepaid accounts [APK Teardown]

The Android Pay name has been dead for weeks, replaced by Google Pay for the foreseeable future. With the rebranding out of the way and the adjustment period starting to fade, it's time to get back to business as usual. The latest update looks a bit like a bug fixer since there don't appear to be any immediately visible changes after installing. However, a teardown gives a view of a new feature coming for prepaid accounts that will ensure they never run low on funds. Also, work continues on the effort to merge in Google Pay Send, formerly Google Wallet.

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Samsung rolling out S8 update to address red screen tint problem, Korea only for now

It looks like the fix for the S8 and S8+'s red-tint woes may soon be upon us. An update has started rolling out back in Samsung's home market. There's no news yet on how long it might take for the update to be deployed outside of Korea, and it might be subject to carrier approval, further delaying the process. But, there's no arguing that Samsung wasn't quick about it.

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Capital One Releases Android App For Mobile Banking

Capital One Services has finally joined the ranks of large financial institutions offering native Android mobile banking apps with the introduction of the official app.

Capital One account holders can now check their balances, pay bills, transfer funds between accounts, view recent transactions and rewards, and, of course, find the nearest branches and ATMs.

image image image image

The app works on Android phones running Donut (1.6) and up, but cannot yet be installed on Honeycomb tablets (support for them is coming later). Grab it for free by using the links below:

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