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BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer App Updated To Version 2.0, Looks Way Prettier Than Before

Drinking alcohol is a thing people like to do. Unsurprisingly, some people aren't sure when enough is enough, so they continue to drink said alcohol until things get...bad. We've looked at a couple of different BACtrack Mobile Breathlyzers in the past - the $50 Vio and its more accurate $130 brother - which would help one quantify how intoxicated they actually are by reading their blood alcohol content level (as opposed to what?

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BACtrack Vio Bluetooth Smartphone Breathalyzer Lightning Review

Back in December of last year, we took a look at the BACtrack Mobile Bluetooth breathalyzer, a police-grade drunk-o-meter. While we believe it to be pretty dang accurate, it's undeniably pricey at $130 (though it was $150 at the time of the review), which puts it outside of what most people are willing to spend on what can really only be defined as a novelty item.

Despite being "police-grade," BACtrack devices are not intended to be used as a metric for deciding when it's OK to drive.
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[Deal Alert] BACtrack's Mobile Bluetooth Breathalyzers Are On Sale At Touch Of Modern Until August 3rd

At the end of last year, I reviewed BACtrack's police-grade Bluetooth mobile breathalyzer. I came away extremely impressed (and drunk), but it was quickly pointed out in the comments that $150 is pretty pricey for such a gadget. While the price has since dropped to $120, it's still out of many users' reach. Good news! Touch of Modern is selling it for $90 till August 3rd. That's a solid deal.

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BACtrack Bluetooth Breathalyzer Review: Your Friday Night Just Got A Little Geekier

You know what can be fun if done in moderation? Most things, actually. Among those things, alcohol is probably high on the list for most people. While drinking, it's also fun to be able to quantify how intoxicated you actually are – something a little more than "my face is numb" or "Nah, I'm OK – I've only had 12 shots." That's where this nifty little Bluetooth breathalyzer from BACtrack ($150) comes into play – it can tell you exactly how drunk (or not drunk) you are in about 30 seconds.

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