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BaconReader For Reddit 5.0 Includes Material Design Update, User Interface Tweaks, And Bugfixes

Reddit may or may not have its official Android app ready any time soon, but third-party developers are still more than willing to pick up the slack. BaconReader, one of the most popular Reddit client apps, has just been given a major update. The 5.0 release includes a much-belated Material Design user interface adjustment and no small amount of other changes, both user-facing and behind the scenes. Here's a quick comparison of the older version to the spiffy new Material Design layout:

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BaconReader Updated To v3.0 – More Efficiently Waste Time On Reddit With A New Tablet UI And More

Reddit isn't going to check itself, so you're going to want a good app to get it done. BaconReader gained an immediate following when it was released a few years back, and that continued after it was acquired by OneLouder Apps. This popular client has just been updated to version 3.0, and there are improvements aplenty.

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The headlining point is the new tablet UI with dual columns and better comment threading. You can also disable the tablet mode if you prefer the single-column style. Here's the full changelog for v3.0:

  • AWESOME NEW tablet layout
  • Load more comments in posts
  • Added specify image save location
  • Improved reset to Front Page bug
  • Added popular Meme backgrounds

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BaconReader is still one of the more attractive Reddit clients out there, and its performance is solid.

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BaconReader Updated To Version 2.1 With UI Overhaul, Spoiler Alerts, And More

BaconReader, one of the most popular Reddit-browsing clients available for Android, has just received a major update to version 2.1. Among other things, the update brings a new "Welcome Guide" for new users, access to subreddit sidebars, subscription functionality, support for spoiler alerts, a dark theme for the app's "large" widget, and a few minor fixes.

Of course the real story in this update is the app's UI overhaul. BaconReader has finally crossed over to a new design, which ostensibly follows the highly-exalted Android Design Guidelines. With its cohesive, crisp new interface, BaconReader looks and functions better than ever before. Just take a look for yourself.

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Reddit Client 'BaconReader' Acquired By OneLouder Apps And Finally Released To The Market

Those who just can't get enough /r/Android in their daily life have probably heard of an app called BaconReader - a Reddit client for Android devices. We spent some time with the alpha of the app back in April, and the app has came a long way since then. It's progressed so much, in fact, that it was recently acquired by OneLouder Apps, the dev team behind some awesome apps like FriendCaster, TweetCaster, and ChannelCaster.

The original dev said in a Reddit post that he will still be heading up the overall design of the app, though I have little doubt that OneLouder will put a few touches here-and-there, as well.

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Baconreader Alpha: A Stylish New Reddit App For The r/Android Army

I love Reddit. Like, alot. I also love Android. So naturally, I get pretty excited about new Reddit apps for Android. There are quite a few of them out there to choose from, ranging from full-on Reddit readers like Reddit is Fun, to purpose specific apps, like RedditTV or Reddit Pics. The holy grail of Reddit apps is a browsing app that has all of the functionalities of the web Reddit experience, while being easy to use and good looking.

Reddit is Fun has been enjoying the position of top reader app for quite some time, but earlier this year there were rumblings of competition.

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