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Google moved your phone backups in Drive's desktop site — here's how to find where they are now

Google has recently tweaked how you get to your phone backups from the desktop version of Google Drive. Previously accessible from the navigation menu on the side, they've been relocated inside the "Storage" view that shows all your files by size.

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[Update: Soft launch?] A future version of Android will have a manual device backup option

Google has offered some rudimentary backup functionality in Android since the 2.0 days, but it improved backup functionality in 6.0 Marshmallow. However, you still have to trust that the Google Drive backups are happening as there are no user-facing controls. That's going to change in a future version of Android, though.

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WhatsApp backups to stop counting against your Google Drive storage allowance

If you're one of the 1.5 billion WhatsApp users of the world, you'll know how important it is to back up your messages. Google Drive backups are conveniently built into the app but have always taken up valuable bytes of your storage quota. Starting later this year, WhatsApp is teaming up with Google to make backups entirely free.

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OnePlus Switch app updated with local backups

There's one thing tinkerers everywhere can depend on: no matter how many times you do things right, every once in a while something goes wrong. When it comes to Android phones, that means it's good to keep backups if you plan on tweaking things at a root or ROM level. OnePlus seems to understand that, as the company has just added a local backups feature to its OnePlus Switch app.

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Coolmuster Android Assistant keeps the data in your phone safe on your own PC [Sponsored Post]

One of the worst things that can happen to you in the modern era is to lose your phone. Sometimes we don't even consider how irreplaceable some of the data we carry with us is. Rather than wait for future regret, you can be proactive with Coolmuster Android Assistant, which lets you backup all your most precious data including SMS, contacts, apps, photos, and video. 

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Google will delete Android backups after two months of no device usage

We're all here because we use and like Android, but maybe you've been a little curious and you're thinking of trying out the new iPhone X for a bit. Well, make sure your iOS adventure doesn't last too long. It turns out Google won't keep your Android backups forever. In fact, it only gives you about two months.

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[Update: APK Download] Chat backups, link previews, and group incognito are coming to Google Allo today

Allo might not be a true replacement for those that used Hangouts until it has web or desktop clients, but development on Google's latest messaging solution still continues apace. Amit Fulay, the Head of Product at Google for Allo and Duo, tweeted earlier this morning that some new features were rolling out today. The update isn't out at the time of writing, but he claims it will include the ability to back up and restore chats, add incognito mode to group chats, and introduce link previews.

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[Update: Available on Android] Google Drive Backups tab starts showing up, gives you a glimpse into your device and app backups

Android developers have been able to use Google Drive to back up and restore app and game data for their users for a couple of years now. Android devices too have been able to back up some data like installed apps, device settings, call history, and more to Google Drive and restore it to the same device after a hard reset or to a new one when you switch over.

However, these backups remained mostly hidden in Google Drive.

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FlashFire v0.32 Can Create Fastboot-Flashable Backups And Adds An Option To Preserve Recovery Through OTAs

If you're into rooting these days, there's a good chance you've at least tried out FlashFire by well-known SuperSU developer Chainfire. It's one of the friendliest tools to use for flashing firmware images and mods, and it can even install official OTAs while keeping root intact. Today, Chainfire is releasing a new version of FlashFire with a pair of new features that will make it even more powerful: it can now create fastboot-flashable backups and there's a new option to preserve the existing recovery after installing OTAs and ZIPs.

Fastboot-Flashable Backups

FlashFire has long had the ability to create backups, but they could only be restored through a custom recovery or from FlashFire itself.

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