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Jackery helps keep the lights on throughout a power outage with this combo deal [Sponsored Post]

Large areas of California – from the Sacramento Valley, to northern Sierra, and along the North Coast – have recently gone dark as local energy providers killed the power grid to ward off potential wildfires. Unfortunately, these extreme measures have left tens of thousands of residents without electricity, air conditioning, or a way to power mobile devices for weeks at a time, and more blackouts may be on the way. In an attempt to help residents combat lengthy outages, Jackery is offering its Explorer 240 Portable Power Station+ 60w SolarSaga solar panel for $60 off with a promo code.

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The Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 is $187 ($63 off) for today only

Sometimes a mobile battery pack just isn’t enough to keep your devices juiced up while you’re out conquering the big, bold world. Today, you can snag massive portable power for cheap with the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 ($187.49 after savings).

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[Deal Alert] Kmashi's 20Ah External Battery With Quick Charge 2.0 Is Only $19.99 After $13 Off Coupon Code

Portable chargers are nice. They don't quite make up for phones with crappy battery life, but they come close. Plus they bring the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won't be tethered to a wall if your phone decides it won't make it through the evening.

You can grab one at full price, but the reason you're reading this is so that you don't have to. So let's cut straight to the chase.

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[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh Solar-Powered External Battery Only $29.99 At Newegg

Like you, I love external battery packs. I especially like ones that don't require you to plug them into the wall. Okay, ZeroLemon's SolarJuice backup chargers aren't quite there yet—you could easily spend a weekend getting enough power from the sun to recharge your phone once. But boy, there's something about having the option that sure feels awesome. And I live in a part of the country that's not unfamiliar with losing electricity for days due to hurricanes, so there's that.

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[Deal Alert] iClever 15,000mAh External Battery Pack With LCD Screen And Flashlight $28.99 On Amazon After $11 Off Coupon

You never know when a backup battery might come in handy. You could be sitting there, recording your son giving the high school drama performance of his life when, all of a sudden, that low battery warning pops up. Filming HD video drained it faster than you thought, didn't it? Fortunately you bought that iClever Intocircuit 15,000mAh battery on Amazon. Or you will have bought it after reading this post, and your son's play is actually a week from now.

This pack provides 5V/3.1A output through two USB ports, there's a tiny LCD screen that tells you how much of a charge remains, and an LED flashlight comes included because why not?

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[Deal Alert] Limefuel 20,000mAh LP200X Dual USB External Battery On StackSocial For $34.99 (58% Off)

The power's out. This road trip will never end. Camping, again? Fine.

Whatever the reason, sometimes you just need extra power when there's no outlet in sight. In those instances, you're going to want the biggest, fattest external battery pack you can find. And if you have to share it, or you have multiple devices, then you're going to want something with more than one USB port.

If you head over to StackSocial and happen to live in the US, you can currently get a Limefuel LP200X battery pack with a whopping 20,000mAh of juice. That's enough to recharge your average smartphone at least four or five times, with the number varying depending on just how much junk your handset has in its trunk.

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[Deal Alert] HooToo TripMate Elite 6000mAh All-In-One Battery, AC Adapter, Personal Cloud, And Hotspot Device $41.99 On Amazon After $5 Coupon Code

Is it too much to ask to have a device that simply does all the things? You know, all the things. It can plug into the wall for power, store 6000mAh worth of juice when an outlet isn't close by, function as a hotspot for nearby devices, and serve as a personal cloud that shares USB storage wirelessly. This sounds like a great thing to have while traveling, so seriously, is wanting one too much to ask?

Wait, you're telling me that such a gadget exists? Huh, look at that. The HooToo TripMate Elite does all of these things, and it goes for a relatively decent price of $46.99 on Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Anker Astro E5 15,000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger $32.99 With Coupon Code From Amazon

Camping season is pretty much over for most of us, but that doesn't mean we've stopped leaving the comfort of our homes to venture into the great unknown. One thing we've got to be sure of is that our bevy of gadgets can survive between sessions with their charging cables. If you'd like to keep your phone, tablet, and assorted wearables alive and kicking, Amazon is offering a pretty sweet deal on the Anker Astro E5 15000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger. With coupon code AASTROE5, you can pick up this portable powerhouse for just $32.99 (plus tax and shipping).


Weighing in at 15,000 mAh, this battery should be enough to recharge most tablets at least twice, and several times for any phone.

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[Deal Alert] Anker Astro E5 15,000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger $35.99 On Amazon With Coupon Code

Around these parts, we like our gadgets. Unfortunately, accumulating a couple of them leaves us regularly in need of juice. Power outlets become scarce after stepping outside the house, which is why it's worth picking up an external battery pack or two. Currently you can get an Anker Astro E5 15,000mAh battery pack for $49.99 from Amazon, but with a coupon code, you can bring that down to $35.99.

Screenshot 2014-07-17 at 12.14.43 PM Screenshot 2014-07-17 at 12.14.02 PM

This external battery comes with two USB ports (5V/2A and 5V/1A), so you can charge two devices at once. This could especially come in handy the next time the power goes out or two kids (for the sake of this example, ages 25 plus or minor 15 years) both throw a fit over dying devices in the backseat.

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JUMP Combination Charging Cable And External Battery Surges Through $40k Kickstarter Funding Goal

Smartphones are convenient, but keeping them charged is not. Charging cables get tangled easily and, despite being lightweight and portable, aren't all that useful on the go. External battery packs can provide a ton of juice when away from a power outlet, but if you forget to keep them charged, you might as well leave them at home. The JUMP Kickstarter project alleviates this issue by combining the two. Now your smartphone cable can double as your external backup battery.

The idea is pretty straightforward. JUMP plugs into your phone and a computer just as a regular cable would, transferring current from one device to the other.

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