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[Update: Google is working on a fix] Downloading Motion Photos via Google's Backup and Sync is broken for some

For many people, especially those of us here at Android Police, Google's various backup tools are an integral part of our daily workflow. Frankly, I'd have to entirely restructure how I do things without the convenience of Google Photos and Google Drive/Backup and Sync. For some, the combination of those two services isn't working as expected when it comes to Motion Photos, and backup synchronization to a desktop fails for those MVIMG-labeled images. 

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Google's Backup and Sync desktop app re-uploads backed up photos, fix coming in three weeks

Google just can't seem to get its act together with Google Drive. You may recall back in March that Google Drive for Windows automatically updated to 'Backup and Sync,' which broke syncing in the process. That was an unfinished version of the new Google Drive desktop app, which was officially announced in June. But now that the update is out, several major bugs have become apparent.

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Google is rolling out the new 'Backup and Sync' desktop client for Drive and Photos

Google announced a new desktop app last month called "Backup and Sync." It's a replacement for both the desktop Google Drive and Photos apps, but it was delayed almost two weeks ago. Google has now announced that Backup and Sync is officially rolling out, but you don't have to wait for the update.

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[Update: Fix available] Google Drive on Windows self-updating to 'Backup and Sync,' breaking in the process

Did you think Google's intentional downgrade OTA for the Nexus 6 from yesterday was bad? Google appears to be on a mission to break as many products as possible, and next up is the Google Drive client for Windows.

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