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YouTube version 11.29 returns the 'X' close button in the background notification

We've taken a look at the APK for the latest version of YouTube, 11.29, and there's some mildly interesting bits under the hood, but not much that's user-facing. There's one exception: the little "X" button to close the notification has returned. See it up there? It's back. Hooray!


Last time, on Minute Video Player User Interface Adjustments...

Of course you only get the notification if you're 1) subscribed to the YouTube Red premium service and 2) have background play enabled in the app's settings menu. The button inexplicably disappeared from the notification after an update late last month. Now it's back.

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[Update: 360-Degree Videos & Playback Resuming] YouTube Kids v1.50 Adds 'Pause History' And May Soon Offer Most Of The YouTube Red Subscription Features [APK Teardown + Download]

Version 1.50 of YouTube Kids started rolling out early Thursday morning. This update brings a really great new feature, and parents are going to love it. It's now possible to pause the watch history of YouTube Kids, and it doesn't affect the rest of your YouTube apps. A teardown also shows that parents will soon enjoy the benefits of YouTube Red, as well. As usual, if the update hasn't hit your account yet, jump to the bottom of the post to find a download link.

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YouTube Gaming v1.1 Promises Background & Offline Playback, Cardboard Support, And Battletoads [APK Teardown]

Not everybody is into live streaming gameplay, but for those that are, and particularly those that play a lot of games on Android, this week's update for YouTube Gaming was a pretty big deal. It brought much-needed support for recording and live broadcasting your screen directly to YouTube. While the update is significant for the features we now have, it also happens to include some signs for a few more things we can expect in the future. We can see a few of YouTube's newer features are going to hop over to the gaming side, including background playback, offline playback, and even Cardboard support.

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VLC For Android Gets Background Video Playback And A Few Visual Changes In Version 1.3.2