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Chromecast's Backdrop becomes Ambient Mode, adds low-bandwidth mode, temporarily removes the News source

Last week, Cody spotted a change in the Google Home app for Chromecasts: the Backdrop feature was renamed to Ambient Mode. However, at the time, there was nothing functionally different. That is changing now, as the completely overhauled Ambient Mode settings have started to show up for some of us.

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Google Home v1.26 reveals 'speaker pairs' for stereo casting, adds EQ settings, new Backdrop screen, and more [APK Teardown]

The Google Home app has seen some big enhancements lately, and with the rollout of v1.26, it's gearing up for some more. The latest update brings the notable addition of EQ settings for speakers and introduces a new screen for backdrop history. Users of Android 8.0 Oreo might also notice their app shortcuts are now sporting fresh adaptive icons. However, the main topic comes to us via a teardown that shows a new feature called Speaker Pairs which will enable us to take two speakers and set them up to work in stereo.

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Chromecast App Update Is Live In The Play Store With All Of Today's Announced Features [APK Download]

So, if you haven't heard, Google announced some stuff today. Some of it was Nexus stuff. Some of it was Pixel stuff. Some of it was Android stuff. And some of it was Chromecast stuff.

Alongside the two new Chromecasts — a second-gen HDMI dongle and audio-only dongle — the company also offered up a ton of new features for the Chromecast app, making it infinitely more useful than ever before. No longer just for setting up your new little dongle or changing the backdrop options, this new updated app brings all sorts of additional functionality like finding new content, more backdrop options, and a lot more.

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