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PatPat Is A Great New Way For Parents To Save Money On The Things They're Going To Buy Anyway [Sponsored Post]

Guys, being a parent can be expensive. But if you know where to shop, it doesn't have to be so expensive. In fact, if you look in just the right places, you can actually save yourself a ton of money. Now, I know what you're thinking: but I already save money by shopping online; that's no secret.

While that's definitely not wrong, it's also not the full story - there are so many resources out there, it's hard to know all of them...which means you could be missing out on some of the best deals out there.

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You Can Now Adhere A TempTraq Bluetooth Thermometer To Your Child's Armpit All Day Long For $25

Connecting things to your phone using Bluetooth makes them smart. We know this buy now (by*, sorry, easy mistake). Tech companies have been feeding us this concept long enough for our bodies to digest it. And when they start to heat up from an adverse reaction, fortunately there's a smart gadget out there that can let us know. Blue Spark's TempTraq Bluetooth thermometer is now available for purchase. You can snag one for $25.

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Blue Maestro Introduces The Pacif-i Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Pacifier—Pre-Orders Are Going For $40

Blue Maestro doesn't want you to make the mistake of believing that Bluetooth is only for connecting to cars, syncing with a smartwatch, or pushing information to a fitness band. No, think of the children. With the company's upcoming Bluetooth-enabled smart pacifier (yes, pacifier), you can check your baby's temperature and track their location as they learn to walk. You can even have an alarm go off if your child gets more than 20 meters away, and the buzzer will apparently also sound if the device gets hidden or misplaced.

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mamaRoo Bounces And Sways Your Baby While You Sit, Work, Or Watch, And Control It From Your Phone

Part of me is completely smitten by this infant seat, the other is appalled by how little we seem to hold, care, or connect with our babies. But I guess there are legitimate uses for a seat that replaces human motions, like for parents who suffer from back problems, those who need to get work done around the house with no one else there to help, and those whose babies start crying uncontrollably the moment they are put down.

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[New App] Dormi Is A Baby Monitor For Android With A Super Sleek Interface And An 80% Off Android Police Promo Code

Baby monitors are useful, but they're kind of dumb. Think walkie-talkie dumb. But we live in the world of smartphones now, and these nifty little things are capable of replacing just about anything. With the new Dormi Android app, you can take two Android devices and turn them into a baby monitor that won't weigh you down.

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WebMD Releases Android App For Expecting And New Parents: WebMD Baby

Having a baby is a huge task, and anyone who has been there can attest to the fact that there is a ton you have to do ahead of time to prepare - and many times more to keep up with after. Thankfully, there are many resources to help out, like books and magazines, but something a bit more interactive would certainly help things go even smoother. Enter WebMD's new(ish) Baby app, a comprehensive guide that compiles and organizes the relevant information from WebMD's absolute plethora.

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