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Android 11 Beta 3 rolling out for Pixel 4a in Beta Program — downloads available

Google's Pixel 4a just picked up their first OTA and factory images, but that's not the only thing they're getting today. Google is also making them eligible for the Android 11 Beta Program, and lucky owners can opt-in for the latest beta release, expected to be the last before stable lands, barring any last-minute bug-fixes, which Google likes to do now.

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Feeling flat, musicians? Google Home can play you a key - just ask it (update: it's really broken)

Here's a Google Home trick we haven't seen really publicized: the Assistant in Home can play you a six-note scale in any key. (Note: This does not seem to work on the Pixel Assistant. Sigh. Correction: See update, this is just really broken in general, unfortunately.) Just tell Home to play you any key - for example, "play me a B sharp" - and the Assistant will respond with an ascending six-note scale.

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