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Amazon extends Announcements to Alexa built-in devices

Back in April, Amazon announced a new feature called Announcements that let users broadcast voice messages to Echo devices. Although these could be initiated from a phone with the Alexa app, they required an Echo speaker for the message to be played out loud. However, the company is now extending the functionality to other devices with the voice assistant built-in.

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[Science goes too far] Furby made into an Alexa-powered eldritch horror

For a lot of us kiddos back in the late 90's, Furbies were something of a craze. I know I had at least one of the retrospectively terrifying gadgets—though I'm at a loss to remember why, exactly, I thought it was cool. Whatever my youthful motivations may have been, enterprising hobbyist Zack of howchoo fame has turned our collective childhood memories into an intelligent Lovecraftian abomination. Meet Furlexa. 

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