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Aviary Photo Editor adds more fonts, transform tool, and option to clone effects between photos

If I had a dime for every photo editor I come across on Android, I'm sure I'd easily have a couple of thousand bucks by now. But Aviary is slightly different. It was acquired by Adobe in 2014 because of its large selection of filters and effects, and the company has been enhancing it since: Material Design, free and premium features, and so on. The latest updated to version 4.8.0 brings 3 new interesting features and improves on an existing one.

First, there are more font options for text layers in Aviary, courtesy of Adobe Typekit. So expect to see more high quality typographies on photos edited within the app.

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Aviary Photo Editor Gets A Material Design Visual Refresh In Version 4.0.2

Editing photos on a touchscreen is hard. Not because modern mobile devices lack the power to do complex image processing - my N6 is more powerful than the old "desktop publishing" PCs I used in high school - but because constrained dimensions and touchscreen interfaces force touch design decisions on developers. Aviary is one of the best options for competent photo editing on the go, but its latest edition has turned the editing on its own interface.

unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

The changes here are subtle: the blue theme of the app has been "flattened" (gradients and shading removed) to make icons and actions more obvious.

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[Update: Make That Early 2015] Aviary Now Has An Updated Look, And Its Complete Set Of Photo Editing Add-Ons Are Free Until The 30th (But You Can Keep Them Forever)

Update: All Aviary add-ons were originally free with the use of an Adobe ID until November 30th. Now that date appears to have been pushed back until early 2015. If you didn't jump on this offer before, it looks like you have at least another month to do so.

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Adobe Acquires Image Editing Startup Aviary To Accelerate Development Of Its Creative SDK

Maybe you've heard of Aviary—it's the company behind the Aviary photo editor for Android and iOS. That's not all the company does, though. It also makes its tools available through a free SDK, and that's what led Adobe to scoop up the company for an undisclosed sum.

2014-09-22 17_01_43-Aviary

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With Latest Update, Aviary Implements Its Most Requested Feature: Undo

Aviary is one of the more popular mobile image editors out there, and now it's added a feature that, if you haven't used the app before, will probably blow your mind to hear is only just now getting added. Ahem, without further ado, the latest version of Aviary allow users to undo.

Allow that to sink in.

That's right, now users can undo and redo changes to pictures by swiping left or right after applying a tweak. I would have described this functionality as an essential feature of any image editor, but Aviary managed pretty well before now, so I don't know what to believe anymore.

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Aviary Hatches A New Update: No Longer Just A Plugin, This Photo Editor Can Now Fly Solo

The last time we covered Aviary, the powerful mobile photo editor was limited to being launched as a plugin inside the stock gallery app. Now, Aviary the company has booted Aviary the photo editor from the nest, launching it as a standalone app. Users everywhere rejoice, as they can now find Aviary after installing it.

aviary1 viary2 aviary3

In addition to the apps' newfound independence, Aviary has added a few new features: a customizable interface, a color temperature tool, and basic effects like black and white and sepia tones. Oh, and a lovely new icon. All of the improvements add up to a nice increment to an already-great product.

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Aviary Photo Editor Lands On Android, Brings Free Photo Editing To Your Talon-Err, Hands (This Post Has Puns - Find Them All)

Aviary, one of the web's most popular free image editors, has built a new nest in the Android market. The software, made by the company of the same name, is a powerful (for free software, anyway) photo editor that comes packed with effects, filters, and tools for sprucing up images. The Android version comes with some effects built in, with the option to shell out some cash for more.

aviary1 aviary2 aviary3

You won't be getting any jobs on a Hollywood effects team with your creations in Aviary, but for most tasks you'd want to do on a phone, Aviary is fantastic.

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Aviary Announces New SDK Enabling Developers To Embed Advanced Photo Editing Into Their Apps

Aviary, developer of a bounty of online creative tools, has just announced its latest venture into the iOS and Android mobile platforms: a new SDK that allows developers to embed Aviary's advanced photo editing tools into their apps. The SDK allows the developer to choose which editing features to include, and takes "just minutes to implement."


Some of the editing features the SDK offers include:

  • Auto-Enhance
  • Crop, Flip, Rotate
  • Sharpen and Blur
  • Redeye Removal
  • Teeth Whitening and Blemish Removal
  • Adjust Colors and Saturation
  • Adjust Brightness and Contrast

Other options such as text, stickers, drawing, and a meme generator are also present.

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