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[Updated] LG G6 carrier pricing and availability list - AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon

The LG G6 was announced around three weeks ago, but as is typical with phone launches, we haven't heard much regarding availability aside from acknowledgement from all four major operators that they will be carrying the phone. Several carriers have now revealed details on their G6's pricing and availability. We'll continue to update this list as more info comes out.

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As expected, the Galaxy Tab S3 will cost around $600 in the US according to Best Buy

When we had our hands-on look at the latest Samsung tablet, we guessed that it would be priced to compete with the 10-inch version of the iPad Pro, if only because its included stylus and sold-separately keyboard seemed intended to appeal to that same "productive" tablet niche. Thanks to an early listing from Best Buy (since Samsung still hasn't given us a straight answer), we now know that yes, indeed it will. The Galaxy Tab S3 starts at $599.99 USD for the Wi-Fi model.

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[Update: Down to just singles] Google Wifi single and 3-packs are back in stock at Best Buy

If you've been shopping for a Google Wifi (or three) lately, it's hard not to notice that all of the direct sales avenues have either been sold out or priced so far above MSRP that you'd think they were scalping playoff tickets. Fortunately, this drought couldn't last forever – Best Buy currently has both single and 3-packs of the mesh wireless router available at regular prices with fast shipping or in-store pickup.

The 3-packs are gone

Holy cow, that didn't last long. About an hour after this post went live, Best Buy ran out of 3-packs.

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GoPro-killer YI 4K action cam goes on pre-order on Amazon in the US, ships July 12

YI Technology is going after GoPro for the action cam market in a big way with the YI 4K. This follow-up to last year's HD camera competes with the GoPro HERO4 by coming with an LCD screen, offering twice the battery life, and costing half the price. Yeah, you're looking at getting two hours of continuous 4K recording for $249.99.

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Android Pay arrives in Asia, starting with Singapore

Android Pay turns your phone into a Google-powered wallet. Tap it against a terminal, transfer money, and walk away feeling like you're living in the future. Android Pay has been making folks feel this way since September, depending on where you live.

If said place is in Asia, you've been out of luck. That's about to change. Android Pay has made its way to Singapore, its first stop in Asia.

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Google Play Movies Launches In Turkey

There are many ways to go about watching movies on an Android phone or tablet, but when you fire up Google Play, one method takes center stage. That's Play Movies, Google's out-of-the-box way for you to buy or rent licenses to stream TV shows and films.

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[Updated: T-Mobile] Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, And US Cellular Say They Will Carry The LG G5 In The US, Vodafone Joins Them In The UK

The G5 has just been announced by LG in Barcelona prior to the start of Mobile World Congress. During the press conference, LG didn't clarify the price, availability countries, or dates of its new quirky modular flagship, but the details are starting to surface right now.

In the US, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint said they plan to carry the LG G5. We're still waiting on an official confirmation from T-Mobile, but it will likely offer the phone as well.

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T-Mobile Offers The Entry-Level, Low-Resolution, 5-Inch LG K7 For $139.99

There are smartphones that you can get for cheap, and then there are cheap smartphones. The K7 handset that LG announced at this year's CES is decidedly the latter. It's now available from T-Mobile, and it will only cost you $139.99. In leasing terms, that's $5.84 on your bill for twenty-four months.

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Asus ZenFone Zoom Now Available In The States Exclusively From B&H

Asus announced the ZenFone Zoom over a year ago, but despite how long the phone has taken to arrive stateside (after having long ago launched in other parts of the world), the phone is still a unique piece of hardware. Optical zoom is a rare thing to find in a smartphone camera, as is the dedicated camera button.

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BlackBerry Priv Comes To India For 62,990 INR