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[Hands-On] AutoMate Turns Your Phone Into A Car-Friendly Dashboard, Is Now In Beta


We all know the perils of using a cell phone while driving. At best it's difficult and at worst it is incredibly dangerous. Still, sometimes we need to perform simple actions on our devices when behind the wheel. This basic problem has driven the development of Android Auto and various company-specific software and hardware to smooth things out. AutoMate is an Android app, now in beta, that is quite a bit easier than buying a new head unit.

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This New Smart Car Swaps The Infotainment System For A Center-Mounted Phone Dock And A Bluetooth Connection

Have you ever looked at your low-tech car audio system and wished your head unit could just be as smart as the phone in your pocket? Or maybe you have one of those fancy infotainment systems whose software tends to make the HTC G1 look futuristic by comparison. Well, an automaker finally decided to acknowledge that it's easier to use the hardware that the customer already has than build something newer and more expensive that won't do any better. Which manufacturer decided to do it? It's the same people who brought you this:


Yep, smart, of smart car fame and subsidiary of Daimler AG, the group behind Mercedes-Benz.

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