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YouTube rolls out a new, simplistic 'Up next' screen

When you're bored and want to be entertained, YouTube can be a great way to keep yourself busy. Indeed, even when you're done watching a video, the app will automatically suggest related content to keep you hooked up. The screen showing you what's next has just been updated with a new one, as shown above.

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YouTube ruining your Subscriptions tab with auto-playing video previews, but you can disable them

Media companies want you to consume their content. The more you watch, read, listen, the better it is for them, and it's even best if they can require no active decision on your part to shove content into your ears and eyeballs. That's why things like autoplay and automatic video previews exist, and YouTube is one of the practice's worst offenders. The Android app is now testing another place it can automatically play videos for you — in your subscriptions tab — but thankfully, you can disable the option.

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Google Earth Timelapse invites mobile users to zoom through history

Google Earth Timelapse has grown since it debuted in 2013. It started off by giving us satellite windows into certain areas to see how they've progressed across roughly three decades. Since then, it has taken the entire world, made it zoomable and scrollable, and has given us an easy way to see it change year after year after year. But Timelapse has only been available to desktops for the past while up until today, when Google announced it was enabling the program on mobile web browsers.

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Telegram v5.4 adds autoplay for videos, alternative logout options, and more [APK Download]

Telegram received a new update today that bumps the app to v5.4. This brings some new quality-of-life features, including autoplay for videos, control over automatic downloads, and alternative logout options. As always, you'll find the official changelog below.

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Chrome 71 includes Duet UI tweaks, changes to autoplay, new APIs, and more [APK Download]

Chrome 70 was a relatively minor release (at least when it came to user-facing changes), and it seems like Chrome 71 is much the same. The latest version of Chrome is now rolling out to desktop platforms and Android, with a few noteworth changes — particularly involving the 'Duet' interface and autoplay.

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Google app v8.49 beta prepares Collection sharing, Lens image search history, and Workspaces [APK Teardown]

Friday evening brought us another update to the Google app. Unlike the previous version, there are a fair number of topics to discuss from a teardown. Google is preparing a screen for viewing your image searches from Lens, Collection sharing, a few changes to the layout of settings, and there are even hints of a mystery feature named Workspaces.

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Firefox Nightly can now block auto-playing audio

Firefox is finally addressing a big browsing annoyance. The browser's Nightly build can now block websites from automatically playing audio. This isn't a first; Chrome has had the same ability since April (and even longer on mobile). Still, it's a great feature, and a boon for Mozilla diehards.

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Google Play Games v5.10 adds search and allows disabling autoplay videos, prepares dark mode, and more [APK Teardown]

Google Play Games doesn't get much attention these days, but that doesn't mean there haven't been some changes. We're wrapping together everything that's different in the last few versions, plus touching on some new things that are coming in the future.

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Google partially rolls back Chrome 66's autoplay changes

With the release of Chrome 66 late last month, Google introduced new autoplay restrictions on both mobile and desktop Chrome. Sites could only start video and audio automatically if they had a high score on Chrome's 'Media Engagement Index,' which takes into account how often the user clicks on the site and watches media.

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[Update: Google rolls back some changes] Chrome's new autoplay requirements are breaking online games

For years, autoplaying video and audio on the web has been a constant source of frustration for users. Restrictions on autoplaying content have been in mobile browsers for years, partially due to the processing limitations of early smartphones, and partially to conserve mobile data usage. With the release of Chrome 66 late last month, Google introduced new autoplay restrictions on both mobile and desktop Chrome.

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